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Application Refusal & later Passport Request by CIC (New-Delhi)

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by vikashkumarlal, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. Try all the things called vfs ,vac helpline even mailed Delhi Embassy 4 times but they didn't reply me same goes for helpline number they told me that they cannot tell me anything on phone and your passport is still under process at Delhi office even I do not receive any kind of email from Embassy regarding my refusal even in my online application account
  2. If you are not able to get details over the phone try going to the embassy.
  3. Even I have not received my Passport yet it still shows under process and i did get refusal twice for same reason.
  4. Similar situation,Could you please share the email you sent to high commission and their email address ? Thank You.
  5. Call me pranav
    Akshat 7044567868
  6. i applied on 5th july and got refusal on 14 aug
  7. Hey same thing happened with me .. please let me know the result u had faced
  8. Hey please help me same case with me

    How do I get to know about ..from the last 10days waiting for letter and passport

    Help me please ..
  9. Hello Vikash,

    I am in same situation buddy but I got refusal. Kindly send me the details to contact delhi High commission please .
  10. I had applied for a Canadian study permit through VFS Dubai on 1st May 2018.
    Then within few days, I had linked my application to the CIC website.

    Got a mail from CIC on 17th May saying that " Your application has been updated." When I logged in to the CIC website, under the final decision it says " We regret to inform you that your application was refused. Check your messages below for details." And there are no messages below.

    If I check my status on the VFS website it says " Documents for Visa application, tracking ID No.20180501DUACSTU84480 are under process at the Canada Visa Office, ABU DHABI."

    Does this mean that my Visa has been refused or Can someone please help me out regarding this as I'm really confused with the Final Decision tab
    1. i received a refusal email in 4 sep 2018 they refused for same reason Other reasons: Your proposed studies are not reasonable in light of one or more of: your qualifications, previous studies, missing marksheets, language abilities, or your future prospects and plans.
      but i submitted all my documents which is fashion but they still refused. I received the refusal email but with my tracking id still shows under process. when would i receive my passport im confused......?
  11. Hi! I have submitted my visa application on 24/08/2018 and and when I track online it says your visa is under process. But the fact is its being almost a month now without any information. So please someone help me to how to check my aplication status.

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