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Application approved but no PPR mail yet

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by csadangi, Dec 2, 2019.

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    I received my ATIP/GCMS notes today. I knew that the file was approved at the end of October through CIC call center and even the GCMS notes shows that file has been approved.

    Any idea until when can I expect to receive the PPR email or how can I help trigger it?

    I think it’s sitting on someone’s desk who is lazy to send that email

    AOR - 17th July, CEC.

    any suggestions @scylla, @21Goose, @jes_ON
  2. have you check your CIC account? Ypu should receive it from there, Request Letter
  3. The only request letter I received is for RPRF payment.
  4. Have you paid the landing fee?
  5. Off course yes.
  6. DID you check your junk mail folder ? i head some people PPR mail was just siting in junk folder
  7. yes, checked junk mail but nothing there. Had called cic 1.5 week ago and they said no mail has been sent yet.
  8. I am just guessing here... lately they have not been handing out PPR for CEC applicants...
    either they do batch processing or there was some form of internal quota that have reached and they waiting on instructions.

    congrats at least you know you are not in security screening and everything all passed so just keep a lookout for PPR email!
  9. Same here I've been approved since October 25 and no ppr email ...i dont know what else to do. AOR May 18 Cec
  10. Wow, how do you know its been approved. Does your application say approved in your CIC online account or did you call to know its approved?
  11. Called and i raised a web forum November 18 that indicated the decision was made.
  12. Called CIC today and they said I haven't missed out any email as they haven't sent anything yet. They asked me to wait as I will get an email for either landing interview or have to schedule one after the email.
  13. I guess we are in the same boat , do you know your visa office
  14. Edmonton, what about you?

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