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Jan 1, 2020
hi Shree_365,
I did my Masters through a partner collage too. I used university name and location while mentioning that I studied through partner a partner collage here in Sri Lanka. As per my knowledge you should include the institute which you receive the transcripts and certificates.
Hi @Aruni88, Thanks for the information. I did my HND via Pearson but Pearson is not listed in WES do you know what to choose if we study from Pearson.


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Jan 29, 2020
Hi Everyone,

I completed CIMA in 2013 and got the membership in 2017. So in the education history the end date would be 2017 and in the personal history shall i put 2013. Please help

Roshan rifna

Jan 20, 2021
Hi all,

Does WES approve SLIATE HND? Has anyone got it evaluated.. if so, what is Canadian equivalence of it? Can I apply for study visa with HND?


Jan 13, 2021
Hi guys ,
Has anyone done Post graduate diploma in business finance and strategy in CA business school?

its level 7 qualification. Does it evaluated as masters or diploma ?


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Nov 17, 2017
Hello Every One,

My brother did his 2 yr EDEXCEL diploma (Level 5 BTEC HND) and BS top-up of 1 year in Srilanka and was awarded degree by University of Coventry

During WES profile creation - what should be his country of education ? UK or Srilanka ?
Looked thru some posts and from those I gather it should be UK. even though he never left Srilanka. But if any one has similar profile please confirm

During EE profile creation - What should be his country of education ?
I believe this must be Srilanka since he cannot provide PCP for UK. - Can some one please confirm if this will be an issue since WES might say his degree is from UK.

If any one has any insight please let me know. Thanks much in advance !!


Feb 23, 2021
Hi appreciate if someone can answer the below for me
1. I have a post graduate diploma from Colombo Uni, want to know the equivalency to Canadian qual. The WES tool does not have PGD in the equivalency tool.
2. When we show EPF balance as PoF do we need to attach the Act to prove upon receiving PR we are able to withdraw?
3. Does IRCC request for CRIB report? If yes is it only for the main applicant or including the spouse?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to reply!