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AOR JAN 2016 - let's get together

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by andy108, Dec 18, 2015.

  1. AOR on Jan 14. Stuck in eligibility checking.

  2. December CECs didn't receive their PPRs yet. So you shouldn't expect any movement for Jan CECs till next month. The good point is they started to get their BG in-progress recently, which means PPR flooding will come soon :D
  3. Has any FSW Outland without PNP got PPR? Its been 100 days for me almost. No update since 90 days :'(
  4. Hey Tushar, seems like IRCC is processing on PNP's now! FSW Outland and CEC candidates are still waiting. Its been 127 days of no activity on our profile as well. AOR 16th December; Meds passed: 28th December; BG - not started since. Wonder what do IRCC plan to shower some love on us as well!
  5. Thanks Brother...

    Wish you Good Luck

  6. Your timeline is very similar to mine..BG stuck at Not Started :D
  7. Ok folks, got PPR today. Here's the breakdown -

    ITA: Dec 4
    eAPR: Jan 19
    AOR: Jan 20
    medical: Passed Jan 21/22 (don't recall exact date)
    Doc Request: Jan 22 (FBI PCC + Schedule A)
    Bckg check: changed from "not started" to "not needed" Feb 26
    Doc uploaded (with LOE requesting 2nd extension for FBI PCC): March 21
    FBI PCC sent via CSE: April 1
    Bckg check: changed from "not needed" to "In Progress" April 4
    2nd Extension grant letter: April 5 (uploaded via MyCIC the same day)
    PPR: April 22

    I hope this helps others. Thanks to all in this forum, including you nice folks in this thread. I wish you all the best. Feel free to PM me if I can be of any assistance.


    Edit: FSW Outland

  8. Congratulations on your PR Buddy

    Wish you all the Best ahead

  9. Congratulations on PPR..
  10. Congrats Moose! :) :)

  11. Congratulations! whats your VO?
  12. Congratulations!!
  13. My sincere congratulations friend. What is your NOC btw?
  14. Thanks to all the wishes.

    NOC 4112
  15. congrats good luck

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