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AOR in January 2017 - Connect Here!

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by DamhaSirah, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. Yes you can see it in my tracker :)
  2. If you don't track it everyday there is no way to tell if it's ip1 or ip2. Mine went from ip1 -> na -> ip2. Ip1 and ip2 wording can be the same or different. In my case it was the same.
  3. Oh
  4. Hi Guys,

    PNP-O applicant with AOR 31st Jan.
    Competed 100 Days.. and still waiting.
    My BG status is in 'NA' since 9th March. :(

    GOD please ask IRCC to open up post mid-Jan PNP applications :oops:
  5. Hi Mate... I am also SINP applicant and even I haven't seen any other SINP applicant got PPR from January AOR 2017 group.

    Looking forward for PPR....
  6. are you pnp-o or i?
  7. Hi Friends

    For all those PNP from ON, waiting, you are not alone !!!!

    Am PNP, French Stream, OINP, 115 days after AOR
    AOR on 26th Jan 2017
    Medical passed : 22nd Febr 2017
    BG ; NA since 9th April
    on 14th April, I got to know my file was at Ottawa CPC

    I hv ordered GCM notes last week. And the wait is still on .... I understand all PNP fellows'fustration, impatience, stress and sleepless nights.
    My PNP expires on 18th June.
  8. This is IP2, PPR mail can come anytime. I had the same status on 5th May and I received PPR mail on 8th..
  9. Is it possible to ascertain from GCMS notes if a file is in IP1 or IP2. I haven't seen my BC changing status but have GCMS notes that i can refer.
  10. Hi andy I m PNP-O applicant from India
  11. Hi guys! Please I am new here. What is the difference between fsw inland and fsw Outland??? Just got aor yesterday . (FSW)
    ITA - April 19
    AOR - may 11
  12. What makes this IP2? I have the same exact messages on my CIC Account and I am IP1. The message has been unchanged since February 19.
  13. Outland = Applying from outside Canada
    Inland = Applying from inside Canada
  14. Hi ,

    Same for me when i called to cic they said background check is going on? What is that mean ...

    I can assume i have cleared R10, Criminality, and A11.2

    My bg is NA been 2 months now
  15. Aor mid january
    Background status_na from many months
    Any update for FSW outland applicants

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