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Anyone who applied TRV in July 2018 and got approval!

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by JSquare, Jul 23, 2018.

  1. Please if anyone got approval who applied in July 2018. Even if anyone got approval in this month.. please share status and timeline.

    Thank you
  2. I applied online on July 11th.
    Got approved on July 18th.
  3. May be you are CAN + applicable applicant
  4. I don't know what CAN+ is but I applied from USA.
  5. Yup.. that's why it was done faster. Congrats
  6. my friend applied yesterday online, but didn't get fingerprint appointment yet it says ...

    We do not need your fingerprints. We will send you a message if this changes.

    dont know what does it mean, because fingerprints are must but it says we dont need .
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    Canada Tourist Visa- (TRV) Applied from India

    I had referred to this link before applying for TRV.


    Online (TRV) Application made on 5th of Jul, Documents submitted on 9th of Jul, on 23rd Jul I recieved an email that my visa was approved for 10 years and now it is available at collection center in Mumbai,India.

    Reason to get it so fast-

    Certified Checklist Of Documents (All Basic Docs)

    Immigration History
    7 Months stay in USA ( Exit 2008)
    2 Years stay in UK (Exit 2011)

    Automatically considered for CAN+

    Proof of Funds CAD 50,000 (Indian Bank account Statement)

    Letter of Invitation from Aunt who is Canadian citizen (with her passport copy & employment details)

    My Employment letter (on company letter head) with last 4 years Income Tax returns docs.

    Property ownership documents attached (flat in Mumbai worth INR 3 Crore , approx CAD 600k)

    Educational Qualification Certificates

    Typically this covers everything that is considered when case is reviewed in any country. With such strong documentation you don't expect to be rejected on any ground for TRV Canada.

    Thank you for reading. Cheers.
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  8. When does your US visa expire?
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    It was only from Jan2008 to Aug 2008.... It is not valid now !

    It was J1 Visa without waiver !
  10. Congratulations on being getting a TRV :)

    And, pretty quickly at that too.

    Your US and UK stays were long-term, and don't help for a TRV approval. However, you had visited these countries many years ago.

    No, your application was not processed under CAN+ because you are not eligible for CAN+ processing.

    These reasons got you the TRV.

    These certificates are not required, and sometimes can have a detrimental impact on a TRV decision
  11. CAN+ processing is typically within 1-5 days max. after submitting the application. Your application was processed within standard processing times + you were not eligible for CAN+ processing.

    Yes, it is absolutely important to demonstrate one's strong ties to the home country. And, you had submitted evidence for this. Congrats again
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  12. Applied on 20th July..
    Got approved on 7th Aug

    India Online.. No travel history
  13. Congratulations!

    Is online application processing is faster than paper?

    I also apply for my parents visitor visa on 20July at New Delhi paper application but no update as of today
  14. Wow
    Wow! That's fast! I applied July 23 online also here in Dubai, I hope I get it fast like you.

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