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Anyone received a full RQ CIT 0171 recently?

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by Kamran2015, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. Has anyone received a full residence questionnaire recently?
  2. Many people are receiving it. A friend of mine did. He had extensive travels. What is your situation? Did you travel a lot?
  3. Hi. Yes I have. I noticed some people have also received a smaller version of it which specifically asks for certain documents. I was wondering if the original RQ is still in place as I dont see people discussing it. I also want to prepare ahead for some of them (knowing my extensive travels) wouls likely trigger an RQ. I will have only 3 years and 22 days in Canada in my 5 years period which I have rigorously verfied couple of times. Any advice is highly appreciated.
  4. I received the CIT0520 and was asked for the following.

    1. Photocopies of Passports held
    2. Rental References
    3. Pay Stubs
    4. School Records for Minor Children
    5. Notice of Assessments from Canada Revenue Agency
    6. Health Claim Records
    7. Entry-Exit Records of Movements
    8. Banking and Credit Card Information

    Hope this helps you prepare just incase.
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  5. That sucl
    That sucks. Its almost a full-blown RQ. How many days did you have in Canada? Did you travel a lot?
  6. Honestly, I think you will almost certainly receive RQ with only 22 days of buffer. May I ask why do you travel so much? During the RQ, they will ask you about your employment abroad. I am also assuming that you don't work in Canada because otherwise such extensive travel would be difficult.
  7. Thanks for sharing. If they asked for all of these, it was more like a full RQ
  8. I have a complex case. Been in Canada for a long time but used to have a family business abroad where I had to return a lot to help my father. After a family member passed away recently (past 5 years), I needed to balance my life abroad and here. And yes I dont work for someone but I am self employed. Positive side is that I have my undergrad and masters degree from Canada and a period that I worked here. Negatives is that I have a long period of unemployment when I was registered with an employment agency. I am trying to gather as much docs for the RQ that I might receive. Again any advice is appreciated.
  9. Had 5 trips outside Canada of which two were to the US by road and the entry stamp to US was missing that triggered the CIT0520
  10. how come the US CBP didnt stamp your passport?
  11. Land border crossing into the US not always stamp your passport.
    Very common for them not to stamp passports when entering the US.
  12. You have not received any RQ yet so why you are making such enquiries, I think its too early.....Just be positive , hope fully you won't get any RQ....
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  13. Have you ever ordered your CBSA report to check entries to Canada ?
  14. I ordered the FOIA records from US border and they had the entries.
    Already provided those to CIC with the CIT0520 response
  15. Thats ok but you can also get CBSA report to match entries to Canada...Just my suggestion... IF you are not comfortable just leave it..thanks

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