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Anyone here with gaps ??

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Rh1983, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. 1. Any one here with gaps more than 4 yrs in work experience n still got their study permit under non spp ?? Anyone who got their visa rejected? Kindly share your experiences..

    2. Anyone with family as us citizens or gc holders n still got study visa for canada ???
  2. Puneet-kapur
    31st august offline ielts 6 nt less den 5.5 graduation in 2012 Did my own business for 5 years.
    Recently he got his visa.
  3. Hey how did puneet Kaput show his business ? Can you share details ? becoz i also have a business but have some issues regarding my income..
  4. and what university and course did he get his visa for ?
  5. Where is his profile ? Puneet kapur ? can u connect me with him ?
  6. thats a fake profle.. who is this... is it that bastard bothering me for last 2 years
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  7. I applied for Visa for Sep 2017 intake I have 5 years experience it got rejected stating my selected course doesnt match work experience and graduation course. I completed my Btech in 2011 from computer science engineering and worked as system analyst. Now I have applied for INCS (Information Network & Computer Security) course
  8. What was the reason . I too have a similar profile as yours completed be ece 2011 and worked in software testing and applied for the same course. I got reasons stating that am not a bonafide student and will not leave country after my course
  9. I got the reason for rejection as
    Your proposed studies are not reasonable in light of one or more of: your qualifications, previous
    studies, missing marksheets, academic record, level of establishment, language abilities, or your
    future prospects and plans.

    I am waiting for CAIPS so that i can apply again for Jan intake
  10. fake??? bt yy??
  11. which course u choose first i mean whn u got rejection
  12. same INCS but now I will give them reasoning why i want to do this course how it will help me in my career
  13. okey..bt i dnt think ur course is irrelevant...level of study may b d reason...bcoz i think u have already studied INCS during ur b.tech...isn't it???btw m not btech student ..jst telling level of study may b d reason
  14. Yes I agree i had those subjects during my B.Tech..but it was bachelors level and the course I applied is Masters Level
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