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Anyone else applying for a Canadian FSW PR from Australia??

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Oceana' started by Vaibhav22, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. Hi Friends,

    Is there anyone else who has also applied for a Canadian FSW PR from here in australia??
    I got my invite on 11th April 2018, had my medicals done on 22nd June, gonna submit the documents on 03 July 2018.

    Just curious to know the timelines of the things after I get my AOR tomorrow, especially from australia!!

    Is it a bit faster then the process in India??

    How many days will it take tentatively for the Canadian govt to assess my documents !!

  2. They are little bit slow mate...I’m already 4months down the line and still ip1 as people call it. After the file was transfer to them there has never been any movement. Maybe they got a lot of applications .
  3. Thanks for the reply mate!!

    Few quick questions;
    what is your nationality?
    when did you apply and is your case also FSW PR or is it the PNP!!
    where did u got your case transferred from and is that transfer time also included in the 4 months timeframe!!

    Thanks :)
  4. Yes file transfer within the 4months time frame. FSE express entry.
    A moth a after I file my application so, like two and god months with them without any movement cos according to gcms notes. Since the file has been transferred here they haven’t tourched it or make any remarks.
    Countries has nothing to do with application process as long as you’re not on watchlish. It basically depends on case officer efficiency and Workloads. Also, maybe few people apply from here hence little information about fsw epress entry.
  5. Its seems your file is really struck with someone at the office.
    I had one one my friends from India living here in Brisbane, him and his girlfriend filed the FSW from here;
    1. Got invite beginning of December.
    2. AOR o Jan 11th 2018.
    3.PPR on FEB 21st 2018.
    4. Visa Stamp on 28th Feb.

    It hardly took both of them about 3 months.

    Are you single or moving in there with your family??

    Single people get priority as the officer has to look only at one persons documents.
  6. Nope it isn’t get struck or whatever , we are couples as well. Each application is unique and it doesn’t mean everyone will follow the same timeline. As long as you get your documents right it will eventually comes out positive which I believe it will very soon .
  7. Yeah you are right indeed, each case is different.
    I am sure your case will get through and a positive outcome will arise soon!!

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