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Anyone applied PR Application - Pretoria Visa Office?

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Africa' started by shado, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. Anyone applied EE eAPR Application and their file sent to Pretoria Visa Office? / Or has been allocated Pretoria VO?
    Please share your timeline. How long does it take from CIC-AOR to PPR?

    I applied 11th Sep 2016 and Medicals passed on 14th Sep 2016. Waiting....

    Any one from Pretoria VO?

  2. Hi shado

    I am not doing a PR application but rather a WP.

    I submitted to CIC Online on 5th August and am now sitting at 55 days and waiting. I think things are slow in general at Pretoria these days, can only assume it is due to the volume of applications they have received in recent months.
  3. I've applied on the 10th of August in Pretoria it was paper application but still to day no news I don't know why it's so long
  4. How long does it usually take for work permit?

    Why is it slow in Pretoria? Any idea? I hardly see anyone applying for PR or WP in Pretoria. So why this huge delay?
  5. Paper application for PR?

    How long did they say it will take for your PR, when you applied in Pretoria???

    Have you linked your application online to your EE profile?
  6. I applied on the 10 of August and yes paper application in Pretoria it's TRV no news still to day
    I'm waiting only God Knows what there are doing
    # fingers crossed and multiple prayers
  7. According to the CIC website the total processing time for a work permit is 17 weeks. Last week it was 16, back in April it was 9. I have NO idea why it is so long but it sure is frustrating, I will have been waiting 10 weeks this coming Friday.

    I can only assume there must be some sort of increase in applications. Its the only thing that can explain the delay in my opinion, hang in there! 8)
  8. Mine also turn 10 weeks this Friday but visitor visa I don't know why they are slow
    Am frustrated the only key is to pray and wait fingers crossed
  9. Does anyone get approved?
  10. Mine is a long wait. I will update if there is any change.
  11. I will also update as soon as my Work Permit application receives any status updates...
  12. Mine also still waiting nothing change will update as soon as I got something from them
  13. Things are moving in Pretoria...

    I got a donotreply email yesterday. It was request from my local VO Pretoria for

    1. Schedule 4
    2. Nomination letter

    Which I submitted this morning. Now Review of submitted doc says - Provided.
    Not sure how long will it take from here.
  14. That's nice good luck for all of us, just keep praying everything gonna be fine we still waiting
  15. That's great! at least there is some movement. I am still waiting. will be 12 weeks on Friday (just a reminder, this is for a Work Permit)...

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