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Anyone applied for visitor on 21 August 2018 offline New Delhi

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Cherry03, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. I applied for visitor visa through VFS and application was submitted on 21-Aug-2018. My application is still in process at New Delhi. I understand it’s going to take time but do anyone have idea currently which date they are working on?
  2. As per my calculations currently they are working on 4th August application as I have gone through many comments here and calculated accordingly.. still if anyone has any idea..
  3. Same here. I applied thru vfs jalandhar and recieved acknowledgement letter on 24 August. I think we need to wait until end of this month.
  4. Aa
    Applied on 26 July at Jalandhar vfs ND file is still in processing. In new delhi
  6. Do let me know if you receive any update.. I guess all VFS files submitted on 21st August will be reviewed together
  7. Applied through VFS Mumbai on 7th August, no update till now. Its still under process at Delhi Office. The current processing time is 42 Days.
  8. I hope you will receive good news soon.. plz share if you receive any update. So accordingly we can calculate the processing time.
  9. Thanks. Sure will post my updates.
  10. Processing time has been passed, yet no update on visa. Is there any way to get some update on urgent basis? Please advice. Thanks.
  11. I applied Visitor visa on 19 Sept at Chandigarh VFS paper based. Now processing at delhi. Let's hope for best. Keep posted guys.
  12. Recived this Comunication today
    Submitted on 26 August
    Dear. ********

    Thank you for making your application to visit Canada! We have received a large number of visitor visa applications from clients wanting to visit Canada at the same time as you.

    We want to assure you that your application is in process and is proceeding normally. We continue to process the applications as quickly as possible.
  13. My friend applied for his Visitor's Visa on July 6th, still not heard back from the consulate. He was to attend a wedding in Canada in August. Seems a bit too long to process a TRV application.
  14. Let’s hope for the best guys... we all will get the visa at the earliest..
  15. I also applied on 18 september at jalandhar office and now the status is that file is being processed at delhi office.hope for the best.,

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