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any one can help me.


Jan 16, 2014

Any one can help me regarding for my status her in Canada.I'm currently working her in Alberta canada as a foreign worker my work is housekeeper.I have 2 years contract for my job as a foreign worker ..I'm almost 5 months in my job this coming month.The thing is I'm not happy with my work place and i pain for my body thats not good for me anymore for my work place. I'll try my best to physically fit for that job.i'm not sure how long can i stay for that job.I'm thinking that i have to resign for my job.Going back home to our place.But my concern is,I'm not sure if they allow me to resign because this coming winter were busy to our work.But i like to give up my job.I prepare to go home,what i fell pain in my body and also I'm not happy working with my job.My concern if i pursue what i thinking,my employer there a right to hold me in immigration if a have to resign?not finish my contract.


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Jun 13, 2008
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Nobody can force you to continue to work if you are sick. If you are there less than 2 years, you can quit your job at any time with one week notice. Does it say anything about this in your contract? I have worked for an employer who made contracts with foreign workers stating that if they quit before the end of the contract, they would be liable to pay the cost the employer had to pay in order to hire them. These contracts were illegal and nobody who quit ever had to pay.

If you need more info about your rights, you should phone the employment standards in AB:

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◾1‑877‑427‑3731 (Toll-free)