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Any international students leased an apartment before arriving in Canada?

Discussion in 'Housing' started by lukeortolani, Jul 21, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    Just wanted to know if anyone has done this so that when they land, they can go right to the apartment? If so, what was the procedure and was it easy?
  2. Airbnb would be the easiest for this scenario. I did end up leasing my condo to an international student after she offered me the whole year up front, with her Canadian dad as cosigner and agent involved, but usually regular landlords will not lease to you without having met you/done extensive background checks, and those who are very willing are most likely scammers.
  3. It is quite hard to rent an apartment when your not in Canada especially in larger markets. If you are renting a room that may be easier. It is also best to see an apartment before you rent it for a year because what you see in pictures is not often the reality.
  4. You can also check with the university / college about their residence on campus or off campus accomodation.
  5. Airbnb is unfortunately too expensive :/ I'd be paying more to share a room than to have my own studio/private room.

    I'm willing to pay 3-4 months upfront. I have $10,000 deposited to Scotiabank as part of their GIC student program which I guess can count as financial proof/information. I have good reviews on Airbnb and I'm open to video chats so any landlords can interview me. Do you think that would be enough?

    Did your international student pay it upfront before arriving?
  6. Yeah, sorry, I meant a room!
  7. I was suggesting airbnb for short term while you need time to see a place and meet landlords. I doubt video chats will help, but you never know. Be mindful to not give any landlord money without having met them in person and seeing the place (and maybe roommates) first. Like I said, there are a lot of scammers out there that will take advantage of international students and migrants.

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