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Any AOR for November 28th 2017 inland spousal sponsorship yet?

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Kayden, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. Hi. My application was sent on November 28th 2017 and there's still no AOR. Should I be worried? If my appication is returned do they notify u through email or the packaged is delivered back to your address?
  2. Mine has been received by CIC the 29th November ... No AOR yet ...
    The last OAR I heard about on a forum was around 28th December for an application received the 4th November.
    You have a 6/8 weeks wait time obviously.
  3. My application received by IRCC on Nov 15, 2017.
    AOR received on Jan 5, 2018.
    Schedule A requested on Jan 5, 2018 after linking the application to my account.
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  4. Any AOR as yet?
  5. Hi. My application was sent on November 30th, 2017 and there's still no AOR. Hope we all can hear soon. Maybe delay is because of the holiday season?
  6. Not to panic... I just got off the phone with an agent because my application was recieved on the 16th of november. She told me they are now working on applications received on the 14th of november.
  7. Hi guys.
    AOR received now !

    Application received by cic 29th November.
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  8. I submitted mine around this same time. No response yet
  9. Did anyone get the AOR for application received by CIC on November 30th?
  10. My application was sent Dec 1st and open Dec 17th got a email jam 22nd for the sponsor to say that the application ad been received and processing start
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  11. Received my AOR yesterday didn't even notice.

    Now it's not linking ughhh
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  12. I received mine yesterday
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  13. What is schedule A
  14. I'm still waiting for mine. Submitted on Nov 30th.
  15. It's a form you would need to submit once you link your account online.
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