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An offer of employment number processing time

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by immigrant2018, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. Sorry for getting back so fast just after seeing your message. We have a lawyer who is doing the process for us. He did apply and got the job offer no on Sep 19 and still saying that he is waiting for some approval. That's where we are really confused.
  2. by job offer no i mean offer of employment number (AXXXXXXX)
  3. For LMIA exempt applications, the employer should see the applications queue right after submitting the offer of employment application. Thre's a blue button on top of the account messages section that takes you to the queue. In the queue you'll see the application number.
  4. hello. my lawyer filed it yeterday on cic poirtal. for a lmia exempt offer. he is saying account is not yet active. Please suggest
  5. how much time it wil take?
  6. Not enough information. Where are you from? What is the job offer that makes it LMIA exempt?
  7. I am a UK citizen (UK is a visa exempt country) and my employer is ready to send me to Canada on an Intra-company Work Permit. They have already consulted with the lawyers and the lawyers said that the employee can ideally turn up at the port of entry with all the required documents and the officer over there will literally verify the documents and if satisfied issue a work permit. Has anyone done this before?

    Also in terms of the documents, which documents do i need to take along at the port of entry? After doing some research I understand the following needs to be submitted at the Port of Entry:

    - Job Offer from the Canadian branch (Not a problem and I can get this quite easily)
    - Offer of employment number (For this I believe the employer needs to apply online, please let me know)
    - Proof that I meet the qualifications (I have my masters and bachelors degree with me along with WES validation, will this be enough?)
    - Proof that I do not need LMIA for the job that I do (What do i need to show here? FYI - I will be on a specialized work permit visa)

    Apart from the above, do i need to show anything at the Port of Entry?

    Any of your expert advise would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. We don't see very many ICT applications at the port of entry here at all. The vast majority apply ahead of coming to Canada. This is a bit of a dice roll IMO. ICTs are tricky since you must prove that you meet the ICT criteria.

    The above items that you have listed is not enough IMO to get the work permit approved at the port of entry. You need evidence that your job is either so highly specialized that your company needs to bring you - or that you are in a senior executive role (managerial role isn't sufficient). This is the criteria that allows you to qualify for an ICT. Your company should be the one to provide this information and proof. Lawyers should know this and be able to advise. You can also take a look at the ICT requirements on the IRCC web site to get a feel for what they will be looking to confirm.

    We do see a fair amount of ICT refusals here where the criteria isn't sufficiently demonstrated (i.e. specialized knowledge and/or senior executive role).
  9. Thanks for your reply Scylla, much appreciated.

    My company has already prepared a specialized knowledge document for me and the lawyers said they are happy with it. So probably the same document I will be carrying along with me.

    Also in the past one of our employee did the same, that's what my HR said.

    So along with the documents I stated, if i take the specialized knowledge document prepared by my company will that suffice? OR is there anything else i need to take along?

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