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An offer of employment number processing time

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by immigrant2018, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. I was wondering how much time it takes to get the offer of employment number at the employer portal ?
    My employer is waiting for about a month the application was submitted on 8 September
    I also want to know if this delay means that the offer was not approved ?
    Please if anyone can help with his own experience or if anyone has enough information about that
    I appreciate your help
  2. hello.. is it for a LMIA job?
    for LMIA exempt job its gotten almost instantly online...
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  3. I think it needs LMIA but I am not sure
    However , all we need is the offer of employment number so that I can fill in my work permit application and send it to the embassy
    Do u have any idea how much time it takes to get it

  4. LMIA application is only fax or mail only to Service Canada. I don't know what you submitted online to CIC because CIC and Service Canada is different
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  5. My employer created IRCC portal account at CIC

  6. Then it must a LMIA exempt application so the employment ID should have been emailed to your employer once the application is submitted online.
  7. Hello, it might be wise to check on CIC how long it takes for employers to get this,, i got a lmia exempt and the employer got it online same time..it is actually written in cic employer portal that once they submit offer of employment a number will be given so that the applicant can use it...am not sure for lmia jobs so you may want to check cic
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  8. Thanks you so much
    Iam trying to search about it
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    lmia exempt number start with AXXXXXXX 7 numbers within hours they will get to the employer..............after applying with to cic portal ...........230$ employer as to pay to portal on line then they will get the EMP number
  10. After getting the offer of employment number, do I wait for my LMIA?
  11. What is the visa type after getting the offer of employment no.
  12. I see it as visitor visa while trying to apply. can you reply please. i am in a situation where its kind of urgent for me.
  13. Can you please help with the visa type as i see based on the questionnaire, its a visitor visa.
  14. Your question is a bit confusing. You need a work permit to work in Canada. You cannot work on a visitor visa.
  15. Hi Thanks for getting back. I have a job offer no ready with me (The one we receive when the employer submits an application in employer portal. I am applying for intra company transfer from USA to CA). I created a account for myself. I am not sure how to use this portal / the no. After logging in it asked for certain questionnaire where i answered everything and it says Foreign Worker - International Mobility Program (Visitor Visa + work etc). is this the one?.

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