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Amman/Jordan VO experience

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by KiteRunnerCA, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. Hi All, I just got notification from CPC Sydney that my application has been sent to Amman for processing.
    Anyone can share some experience with VO in Amman?

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  2. Hi how was ur experience with amman visa office ? Were they quick to process please update me & share your timeline
  3. Application in process. No progress till now except that I got directly email from Amman office to provide police certificate which I have already provided earlier. This shows that they have a mess but at least I know they started checking my application. Anyway, waiting patiently, only 4 months passed since I applied.
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  4. May 23rd will be my 4th month since application was received. We completed biometrics, but ever since the file transfer
    my application was received January 23rd 2019, so its almost been 4 months. My husband is from iraq, he completed biometrics april 12 & file transfer may 7th. They told me i was an eligible sponsor april 15th. No updates after this.
  5. I just got today new message with invitation to pre-arrival services. Any idea what that means? I have not done biometrics or medical tests yet but I got this letter... My application is in process since January and since March it is in visa office in Amman. I did not hear from them anything except for request to send police certificate more than a month ago. If anyone can shed some light would be great :)

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