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Already have a bachelor degree... but want to get a diploma in another field

Discussion in 'International Students' started by yape, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. I have a bachelor degree in finance, and after my graduation, I've been working in the bank for 4 yrs in my country.

    Studying abroad has always been my dream, but I don't want to study finance anymore.

    I'm a person with broad interests, and have been attending some cabinetmaking and carpentry courses in a wood studio in my leisure time. I'd like to get further education in the carpentry field. And since I admire the heritage houses in Canada very much, I would like to study in Canada to learn more about the traditional carpentry technics of this country.

    And now I've got enough saving for it! ;)
    I plan to quit my job and persuit my dream.

    After doing some research, I've decided to apply for "Carpentry and Joinery – Heritage" which is a 2yrs diploma program in Algonquin College. :)

    To get the skill training is my main purpose. But I also plan to apply for a 3yrs PGWP after I get the diploma...and maybe apply for PR if everything goes smoothly.

    But after going through some of the threads on this forum, I found that there would be a problem in applying student visa in my case... ::)

    There were people who already has a bachelor degree applying for a diploma program got their study permit rejected for reasons like:"not satisfied that your proposed course of studies makes sense"

    --CIC thought they should apply for a "post graduate program", instead of stepping down to a "diploma", it's not making sense to them! :mad:

    I wonder in my case, will there be a problem applying for a study permit? Has anyone in situation like this got your study permit successfully?
  2. Based on the threads I've read here, it will be a risk. If you will be able to write a very good SOP stating the reason for the shift, then that would help.

    I have applied for a diploma program (PS) even if I have a bachelor's already, although it is related to my degree and my work experience. I just explained in my SOP why I have chosen such course and how it would benefit me. Still waiting for approval though - embassy received our application on 16 August.
  3. That's right. All you can do is write a good sop. Applying for a diploma (PG diploma) is not at all an issue. However, changing the line of business all together, such as in your case all the way from Finance to Carpentry, looks pretty odd and you will have hard time convincing the VO. Now some people might suggest you to go for a program similar to your background and then change the course once you land here, but then it's not just your choice to opt any course of your choice. I suspect if the college will give you admission to such a program which is totally inrelvent to your background. In fact for some programs, they do have tests, like for Teaching English as Second Language has a written test, if you go for any program in music, there is an audition. So first check if college will offer you admission, if they do, the only option for you to do so will be to apply with a program relevant to your profile and then switch once you land here (which shouldn't have much impact on your work permit, PR etc, Key words "not much").

    Best of luck.
  4. applying for Master's degree has more chances to get visa as I did and got visa ;) this is my opinion :D
  6. I don't have any idea about your profile. Hence wouldn't comment. This guy who started this thread is changing it all the way from water to fire. Hence, I said almost no impact.
  7. Thanks for your detailed reply, ;) this information really help me a lot!

    In fact I also post my concern in a forum in my country, but people there seems don't know what I'm concerning for... ???

    I don't know it's because there's nobody doing the "step-down" thing to study abroad in my country, or it's depends on the applicant's citizenship, and CIC has a rather relaxing visa policy toward our country. (I'm from Taiwan, which Canada visa refusal rate is less than 1%)

    Anyway, there is a possibility that my study permit will be rejected.

    I'll follow your advice, working hard on my SOP... it seems that a portfolio of my wood works would probably help me convince the VO.
  8. That's right, Taiwan china Japan all theae countries have good approval rate and Seneca college is one college where u will find the max number of students from these countries. But I still wonder your profile switch all the way may attract negative impact. But if that's wht u really wana do, go for it. A strong sop and indeed ur portfolio of your woodwork will help you...
  9. i'v got a BA degree in audio visual art, and now after I applied to CIC for a student visa in carpentry (certificate) at Vancouver island university BC, my application was refused and the main reason was ( the purpose of visit) did you got ur visa in the second time ??? if yes, please let me know what u did because i want to reapply.
  10. Hi i have a bachelor degree in finance and i am planning to a diploma in accounting and information technology in quebec
    Is there any problem in visa process if i mention that i have a bachelor degree in the application?

    Please anybody can tell me how to put new topic in the website here ?
  11. This topic relate to my current situation, I have B. A in Accounting but I want to pursue another Bachelor degree in Economics. So, would VO see this as issue because I don't want to pursue Masters in Economics without adequate fundamental knowledge in this field. Secondly, I have always love to be an economist buy didn't have d chance . Thirdly, we the current economic issues facing Africa particularly in Ghana my country, I want to study intensively to contribute my quota in changing these.
    I am working on strong SOP but I need advice as to how reasonable the VO would see it.
  12. You can try for diploma and new career purpose. Most east asian students choose different field and then they come to Canada easily.
    Because CIC knows that east asian students cant choose what they want to study(due to very strict society structure and no kids right), and Canada wants to give a chance for these students and help them.

    Let me know where you are from. If you dont like to study finance, you are right to study different field. Every kids have a right to study what they want. Not by parent's force or others!
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  14. what are the chances of getting visa in diploma after graduation??
  15. I have completed my bachelor of pharmacy but cant get offer from any university for masters of pharmacy that's why I have applied for diploma in pharmacy technician program. Now I am really in so much tension. If any one please tell me do I have chance to get a visa.. I applied because in canada pharmacy technician job sector is good than my country...please suggest me

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