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All questions on Student permit along with family.


Apr 9, 2021
I'm sorry to hear that.

My case may not apply to your profile. You newd to think how can you develop your strength of application.
First thing first is you should join in the Facebook group called perspective bangladeshi studnets in Canada university. You will find all the guidance there. This is the best resource for BD studnets.

1. I had sabbatical leave from my employer.
2. My father's asset was appx 15 crore
3. My fund was 86lac
4.i travelled 13 countries
5. I'm a good tax payer.

All these played a good role in my application. Whereas i had express entry profile and I declared that. Plus my visa application with us embassy is pending for 19 months. I declared all these and yet o got the approval.
Thank you very much for your reply. Yes, I certainly agree that my situation is completely different from yours. I don't have a Facebook account, therefore can't use that platform. However, I think that I should apply alone first because of my age (38) and then I will bring my family.