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Alberta PNP demand list

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Ramniwas, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. She will need at least 1 year experience as a baker and have her vocational certificate evaluated if she wants to go through PNP.

    With ECE, she has a shot at Nova Scotia and Alberta. Nova Scotia especially. They’ve been sending NOI to only 4212.

    You may however still go ahead with having her enroll in vocational training for pastry if she already have experience as a baker.

    And no, she can’t submit more than one application. Except if she’s submitting an EOI under another province like Saskatchewan
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  2. With a Bsc accounting and over 11 years commercial Banking experience. Can one apply for NOC 1311 ?​
  3. hi will noc 1221 - administrative officers be getting NOI this coming july to december 2019?

    PS: i got an NOI back on march 2019 but my account became ineligible. So i need to wait for another NOI with my new express entry profile.
  4. yes you are eligible to get EOI if AINP issue further NOI to this NOC.
    what is your CRS ?
  5. 435, do you think i have a high chance in getting another NOI this year?
  6. Please any information about NOC 5122? I have CRS 430. Hoping for AINP for my NOC
  7. CRS score is 351 and have a sibling as a citizen of Canada residing in Alberta. NOC is accounting related does anyone know is it possible to receive NOI from Alberta and what are the chances high or low. Does anyone with sibling received an NOI
  8. Please do you have any idea of Vocational training for pastry that can be evaluated, especially from Nigeria or distance learning. Thank you
  9. Check State or Federal Vocational accredited Schools.

  10. Thank you
  11. I’m guessing NABTEB result is recognized. Check school level that take the exams.
  12. Please can a business education gr
  13. Please Can a business education graduate with some years of exp in ECE apply under ECE.

    My crs is 324, what are my chances ?
  14. Were you working in Alberta or had studied in Alberta before receiving NOI or had any relative in Alberta. Plz help me as I have a relative and my score is below 400 so need to know.

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