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Alberta PNP demand list

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Ramniwas, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. AINP Express Entry Targeted NOC :

    After collecting data from various post ,I concluded that people with following NOC are getting NOI from AINP, if any NOC missing please update.

    • NOC 0601 – Corporate sales managers.
    • NOC 0621 – Retail and wholesale trade managers.
    • NOC 0631 – Restaurant and food service managers.
    • NOC 0731 – Managers in transportation.
    • NOC 1122 – Professional occupations in business management consulting.
    • NOC 1215 – Supervisors, supply chain, tracking and scheduling co-ordination occupations.
    • NOC 1221 – Administrative officers.
    • NOC 1241 – Administrative assistants.
    • NOC 1242 – Legal administrative assistants.
    • NOC 1311 – Accounting technicians and bookkeepers
    • NOC 2132 – Mechanical engineers.
    • NOC 2145 – Petroleum engineers.
    • NOC 2173 – Software engineers and designers.
    • NOC 2282 – User support technicians.
    • NOC 3012 – Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses.
    • NOC 4214 – Early childhood educators and assistants.
    • NOC 7245 – Telecommunications line and cable workers.
    • NOC 7246 – Telecommunications installation and repair workers.
    • NOC 8232 – Oil and gas well drillers, servicers, testers and related workers.

  2. seems like Alberta issued new NOI in June but still no updation on website.

  3. Thanks for your input, can you confirm if NOC 2282 – User support technicians did received EOI ?

    in my case Outland/CRS 350/No ties/No job experience of Canada ?

    any guess ?

    much appreciated.
  4. yes some user reported this noc
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  5. Noc 2253: drafting technologists and technicians
    Noc 4011: University instructor

    I just got NOI last week
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  6. Congratulations. What’s your CRS?
  7. CRS: 365
  8. Hi, I sight you. I just traced this thread through your post on Nairaland. good job. Can someone with BSc Biochemistry and Post-Graduate Diploma in Education with eight years of teaching experience in Nursey & Primary school qualify for NOC 4214 - Early Childhood Educator without necessarily having a certificate in Early Childhood Education?
  9. Sorry. I saw your post. I was banned on Nairaland.

    Yes. Alberta and Nova Scotia select directly from the pool with this NOC. What’s the person’s CRS?
  10. Nice. Congrats once again.
  11. why did not anyone with noc 6211 receive noi from alberta? it is in the high demand list!
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  12. Maybe in other province but not in Alberta

  13. Maybe it was the SpamBot that banned you.

    She has not done IELTS yet, I'm just gathering information for her.
  14. Let her do IELTS. Only Saskatchewan have different requirements for ECE
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