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Alberta Express Entry Stream

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Second Chance, Jun 15, 2018.

  1. Why don’t you want to call them? I think nobody except them knows an answer.
  2. I guess you are right, I will call them.
  3. Hi.. .Wat application fees and documents u submitted... Wat was the procedure after day... Pls reply... Tia

  4. You will have to accept the notification and the they will send you the form to fill. There is no application fee.
    For me after a week I received confirmation and file number.
    I sent my application on the 23 Jan
    The received next day 24 Jan
    I got file numbe on 29 Jan
    On the 8 feb I received an email to send a document I missed out.

    Now am waiting.
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  5. Wat docs u submitted
  6. I m doing thru agent... He asked me pay 1500usd...at this stage...
  7. Hi
    Along with forms, I sent

    Refrence letter from employer
    Job description
    NOI letter
    Proof of my sibling
    Educational Credential assessment
    English test result
    Work permit

  8. I did it myself, you really do not need agent. It is straight forward process.
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  9. Hey guys

    I had send all documents and forms two weeks ago but didn’t get any file number, is that normal
  10. Hi i_canada,

    I have a query related to Alberta's pnp. How can I show strong family ties in my profile as my sister lives in Calgary but in the EE profile, I cant find where to put a proof for that. There is only a Yes/No question. How will the Alberta's government know that my sister lives there? She's a PR.
  11. Hi Hammer,

    Did your sister receive any NOI yet?
    And, how did she demonstrate family ties to Alberta? I dont know how to do it as there is only one question in EE profile where we can answer in Yes/No and nothing can be mentioned that my sibling lives in Alberta. TIA.
  12. I want to say it’s quick but then I may be wrong. I say this because I had an express entry with NOI, then I accidentally made my account ineligible, on the same day, I put myself back in the EE pool, by the following week I got another NOI in the new profile. I hope this helps.
  13. Hey guys, anybody received 600 points already?
  14. Hey no not yet just get the file number last Monday and u
  15. Not yet as well.

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