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  1. Hi I applied Ainp On April 2 and got file number on April 4 . I got my officers email on August 1 asking for job letter but I haven’t heard anything back from her. Does anybody have any idea how long they take after they request documents
  2. I got file no. on Aug 1 and received nomination on Aug 14. Usually, I saw other timeline took up to a month
  3. It wont take more than 4 business days as per my personal experience
  4. when did you submitted your application ?can you give more detail, i am anxiously waiting for the nomination
  5. Is it correct that you need to have a valid job offer in order to apply for Alberta nomination program?(non-express entry)
  6. Can someone help?

    My spouse has received NOI on 31 July from Alberta. Our CRS score was and currently stands at 434. However, IELTS of my spouse is about to expire on 09 Sep.Considering that, she reappeared in IELTS on 17-Aug but did not get the desired score, subsequently, if we update her IELTS in the profile our score will go down to 412.

    What will happen if score goes down after NOI?
    Should we intimate the AINP officer? but how? no file number yet.
  7. Hello people,

    So, early 2019 i applied for EE. Later on, I got a NOI from Alberta province. With the support of the NOI, my AINP dox were submitted. Its been a month now. What happens next?

    I know i should receive a number, but nothing so far. I assume it will take 2 more months to get that number. I understand that. But is there anything else that i have to prepare in the meantime? Noting, that i am applying via EE, and my NOI was granted because i have an EE.

    And once i get a response from Alberta, is there a deadline that i have to abide by for the next step(s)?

    Please let me know... Thanks.
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  8. FN should be send to you through email in 4-8 weeks after document submittion. Then it will take 2-4 weeks after FN to nomination letter.
    You may start to prepare documents needed in EE process after your recieve FN.

    FYI, recent nomination letter released for those who submit documents in end on Jun and early Jul, you can do the time calculation for your own application.
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  9. Thanks for the response. I will have a look of what dox are needed for the EE. they should be similar to the AINP; i guess
  10. Hi! Have you receive nomination?
  11. It would hardly effect your nomination because the minimum score required to be eligible for 31 july draw was 400. Even if your score goes down to 412 you will be still eligible for nomination.
  12. I received FN August 8.
  13. Hi,

    I am planning to move Calgary on closed work permit next year in Feb. Currently I have CRS 372. What will be the case If I apply PR after one year as per current trends. Will it be easy or bumpy journey to me to get PR via AINP. I am software engineer by profession.

    What is the waiting time for AINP with CRS 420 and having Closed work permit in Alberta?


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