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AINP vs Federal Skilled Worker processing times

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by nag1d, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. Hello,

    I had applied for my Canadian PR through the Federal Skilled Worker(FSW) category at Nova Scotia. I received confirmation from them that my application had been verified and my case has been transferred to the Visa Office in Buffalo. As requested, I sent a copy of my application forms along with the Right of Permanent Residence Fee to the Visa Office in Buffalo in May 2009 and my application has been pending there since then.

    In the meanwhile, I had also applied for nomination through the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program and got the approval from them about 10 days ago. The AINP now wanted me to submit the application forms to CIC at the Visa Office in Buffalo. I called AINP to inform them that my application under FSW category was already submitted and I had enclosed a copy of the application forms with my AINP application. I was told that I will need to pick one of the categories FSW or AINP and if I choose AINP, I will have to withdraw my FSW application. The fees that I already paid could be adjusted.

    I am in a dillemma as to which option I need to choose not knowing the processing times. My FSW has been with the Visa Office since May 2009 and I do not have an idea how much longer that would take. I heard the AINP approved applications at the Buffalo Visa office will get processed faster but I do not have any idea on the timelines. I am looking for guidance on picking the right alternative and appreciate the same.

    Please note that my FSW application lists Calgary as my preferred port of entry and so there is no conflict with the province.
  2. I feel that the application through provincial nomination would be much faster compared to FSW. As in my case, i applied to CIC through AINP in August and got my approval this January. I am waiting for my VISA in my passport now which i had sent to them last week. In effect it took me just 5.1 months for my CIC processing. Hope this helped.

  3. Thanks Mouli, It has already been about 8 months that my FSW application is pending with CIC. Do you think I should wait a couple of months before I jump into the AINP route? My worry is that I may be withdrawing my FSW application for AINP just about the time that it may get processed.
  4. I am not sure about FSW processing times but I have seen FSW taking a much longer time..You could research this forum for processing times. Also while applying through AINP, i think they would not scrutinize your application more compared to FSW for which documention is much more. Experts in this forum would be able to answer your question much more as i am not an expert...

  5. Hey guys,
    Do you know if it is possible to have both application FSW and AINP are in process at CIC level?
    I understand that the fee will be double as well - one is for FSW and one is for AINP.
    I am at early stage but just want to anticipate, just in case I am in that position.
    I learnt from other posting that AINP is faster but on the other hand I'd like the flexibility of FSW so I can land in Toronto or other city...
    Please advise.
    Thanks in advance
  6. I also learnt in the other posting that this is possible but reading this posting - it looks like we have to choose...between the two..
    I am confused... :'(
  7. I found the other posting..
  8. I am in the same boat. Could you updated your story?? do we need to resubmit FBI report and PCC after we chose ainp? THanks
  9. Hello emceemouli. Did you apply in Aug08 or Aug 09 to AINP? I have applied to AINP Aug' 09 but no file number so far. AINP looks very unpredictable and slow too, you can read comments by people who are frustrated with the AINP process in many forums. AINP just closed all IT skills without notice, so what is the guarantee they will not stop the process and abandon submitted applications. I have no idea of the FSW timeline though as it is not relevant to my case, but it may be safer. Many of us are forced to take AINP process as our NOC is no longer in FSW category. Given an option I would choose FSW over AINP as you can work anywhere in Canada and not just stuck to Alberta.

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