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After passport submission, how long does it take to get the Visa! for Phil.

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by dondee01, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Hi All,

    Maybe someone has some insight to this "After passport submission, how long does it take to get the Visa!" this is for the phillipines. The Passport was submitted on Nov 28th and we are still waiting.

    Also, even though the passport has been submitted is it possible to get refused?

    Final Question: Just recently received a Document: "Additional Evidence of relationship between yourself and your sponsor supporting your conjugal realationship are required, such as:

    Joint bank Statements / credit cards
    evidence of joint loans / joint ownership of possessions or property
    insurance policies / joint memberships / medical plans
    documentation from instututions that provides recognition to you as a couple
    copy of joint lease agreements / rental receipts
    evidence of joint purchases

    The following documents were provided....letter from minister explaining the relationship and intent of marriage, insurance docs. with wife as the beneficary and Statutory Declaration from my mom (my mom is handicapped so we are living together currently) noterized by a lawyer.

    As for the Bank Statements / credit cards / joint loans / joint ownerships and property ...that can't be done until she has a S.I.N.

    I'm confussed, this process was approved here in Canada at Mississauga processing ctr. but now they are asking for additional documentation.

    Can anyone shed some insight ...and let me know what my next move is? What should I do next...I have 45 days to respond. Please, help me :(
  2. Is this an outland application? Are you applying as common law partners or conjugal partners?

    In any case, if they asked for additional evidence, then apparently you didn't submit enough when first applying which means they are not yet convinced you are really in a conjugal relationship. So yes, it could still be denied unless you convince them of your relationship.

    I'm sorry, I don't have any concrete advice on how that could be done.

    PS: Missisauga doesn't approve permanent residency applications, it only approves sponsorship applications. It only means that the sponsor is OK to sponsor, not that the visa will actually be issued.
  3. This is an outland Application and I'm applying as conjugal partners.

    Is there no bearing on the fact that they have her passport? How can I provide joint bank accounts isn't that abit crazy.

    Should I go ahead and purchase Dental and medical for her..perhaps that will convince them, that the relationship is genuine.
  4. dondee1,

    That is a little strange that they asked for the passport and then asked for additional information. It has always been my belief that they ask for the passport to put your visa in it, once you have been approved for Permanent Residence.

    It is true, as someone else pointed out, that the office in Mississauga can only approve you as a sponsor and then they forward your application to the office in the Phillipines.

    They seem to often ask for additional information, don't be alarmed just think of anything else you can to send them... more emails, letters, phone records, photos. Any documents that have both your names on them. I don't think you should have to get her medical coverage and she isn't even in the same country.

    Have you ever lived together? Do you have a marriage certificate?

    Best of luck!
  5. Hi Frustrated Canadian,

    She is currently Seperated and we filled for Annulment and also went ahead and had an affidavit made. Which was signed by her ex-husband explaining that he abandoned her along with 2 kids.

    As for living together, that couldn't be possible since she is in the Phillipines and I'm in Canada. But there was also a letter sent by my minister explaining my intent to get married.

    All the documents I had were sent...several photos can back saying they were not required. Do you think I should resend them again, this time to Phil?

    Thanks, any suggestions?
  6. dondee01,

    Hmmm... They sent pictures back? I would send back to the Phillipines. Have any members of your family or friends met you and vice versa, any of her family or friends met you? Maybe they can write letters stating that they have met you or her?

    Does anyone else have any more ideas for additional documents to include?

    Best of luck
  7. hi i was wondering how long did it take to process outland application in the philippines. i am being sponsored by my wife here in canada and i was wondering if it's faster in the philippines. i need to go home and do some things too. if you can tell me how long it takes when you send your application until getting some replies from the immigration.

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