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after 4 refusal today i approved my trv

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Sksons, Jun 27, 2018.

  1. applied 4 june 2018 new delhi paper application
    approved 27 june 2018
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  2. hi,

    can you please share what was the reason for rejection and what are the documents you submitted finally that you got approval?
  3. purpose of visit and travel history
  4. so what were the new documents you attached ?
  5. strong covering letter which mention purpose of visit and travel history highli
    explain my prv refusal
    gst registration and paid tax slips
    company agreement with xxx
    advance tax 85000 as per 26 as my income xxxxxxx
    last three years income tax slips
    bank balance x lac
    pvs travel history only me
    with approved my wife and my son
  6. do you attach invitation letter?
  7. What was Difference Between Your Re-Apply ? can you share your timeline from 1st refusal to till approved.:)
  8. Congrates
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  9. Congrats sir,Could your please share cover letter content (visitor visa). As i have no idea about it.. I desperately need to know. Seeking help from forum members..Thx in advance
  10. Yes
  11. Sure you send me your email directly my inbox so
  12. Thank you bro
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  13. Ksigrewal1@gmail.com
    Also how much minimum funds are required to get visa.....3 lac or more?
  14. How many members applying the visa
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  15. Congratulations
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