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Affordable areas for residence in Calgary

Discussion in 'Housing' started by newcomer, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. You can also try rentfaster.ca
  2. I am in a similar situation. I am planning on moving to Alberta in the next couple of months. I have a kid attending elementary school, and I am interested in finding out the areas which has good schools. Please let me know if you have an idea.
  3. try fraser institute

  4. Hi BZ Mom!

    Can you help me point out the areas in Calgary where there are lots of restaurants around? I am a chef by profession and if God's will, we would be moving to Calgary before the year ends. It will just be me and my wife. Would you tell me the safest place to live and how can we get a 1 bedroom apartment or a room? Thanks and I hope you could help me! God bless!
  5. calgary is well distributed along the c train
    places that I know with lots of restaurants are downtown, Marlborough, Shawville, chinook, sunridge

    if you dont plan to own a car the public transit is quite good
    rent anywhere close to the c train and that will solve alot
  6. I agree with glowing heart. We live in the Rundle area in NE (near Sunridge Mall and walking distance to the C Train, very accessible.) So far, I can say the place is safe.

    Try looking at rentfaster.com. If you find a place there that interests you, let me know. I can view the place if it's near us.
  7. Thanks BZ Mom! That is a very nice gesture from you! I would let you know if we found some places to stay and I will let you know right away! God bless!
  8. Thanks Glowingheart for a very informative input! My wife is a restaurant manager and I am a chef, thats why we prefer to settle in places where there's a great potential for our career! I hope we could find something close by and yet affordable. Can you give me an idea how much the costs of rent for a 1 bedroom apartment? Thanks again!
  9. try rentfaster.ca for listings.
  10. Hi BZ Mom,

    I have recntly received my PPR and planning to land in September in Calgary if God's will.Some people have suggested me North West as a reasonable and safe place to live for a family.Could you please recommend some affordable areas in NW especially who are in the vicinity of Sir Winston Churchill High school and/or Queen Elizabeth High/junior School as I have got plan of getting my kids admitted in one of these schools.
    I am looking for a 2 bedroom apartment within or upto the range of 1000$/month close to bus stop and groceries as I will be living without a car.Is it possible to find one within this range with the above mentioned amenities.

    Moreover as initially I will stay in a furnished accommodation for 2 weeks or so after landing ,later I ll move to the rented apartment so could you please recommend me any reasonable and economical furnished accommodation in any part of Calgary(if possible in North of city) where I could stay for 2 weeks or so with my family immediately after landing.

    Any help will be highly appreciated.

    Thankyou for your time.
  11. Hi,

    I'm sorry but I'm not familiar with the NW area. All I know is that the rent there is higher than here in the NE. So I doubt if your budget will meet your requirements. Again, you can search in rentfaster.ca. That's the website that I used when I first searched for our apartment. By next month we will be moving to a new apartment, still in the NE and again, I used rentfaster to search. The website has an Advanced Search option where you can specify your needs, e.g. City Section/Proximity/Community; Type of Property; # of Bedrooms, etc.

    Good luck on your landing!
  12. there a a couple on Varsity that fit your budget

    apartments in calgary come and go normally every month there are new listings and every months they are rented

    I suggest what the other guy says go to rent faster or homernt.ca this is result on home rent based on one of the schools address you mention


    may I ask why that specific location?
    90% of calgary is safe the only part you really want to be away of is forest lawn and its not that bad
    I live in the se in midnapore with lake access and cheap rent

    I suggest you get someplace with a 6 month lease and get to know the city and then make up your mind when I first got here 4 years ago I was planing and planing and the first place i lived was coventry hills in the NE then Beddington NE then Panorama NW and the last 2 years its been Midnapore sw and I love it few meters away from fish creek prove park and with a private lake easy access to the c train and 800 mts away from shaville where you have all the supermarkets in town home depot, walmart canadian tire etc...

    calgary is a big town get to know it and then decide, don't live in a place cause your friends live close all of mine live in Coventry hills but they come down south every weekend and wee do picnics at the lake

    hope this helps

    good luck
  13. Thanks a lot BZ Mom and glowing heart for your suggestions.

    Infact my sole priority to reside in North(west) of Calgary is to get my sons( ages 17 and 13) in a good High school .As per my knowledge schools grant admission on the basis of your residence in their designated districts for the particular school/s.When I tried to search for designated districts for all good schools,I was not able to find many communities in North east as most of the designated districts for all good schools surprisingly fall within North west so thought of residing in North west, and also due to the fact that couple of forum members advised me to avoid North east (due to safety reasons)though it seems its harder to live in NW due to high rents.

    My choices of high schools as follows in order of ranking(according to fraser institute)

    1)Sir Winston Churchill High School (NW)
    2)Western Canada High School (SW)
    3)William Aberhert High school (NW)
    4)Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School (SW)
    5)John G Diefeubaker High School (NW)
    6)Queen Elizabeth High school(NW)

    Keeping in mind the above mentioned schools do you guys have any idea of a safe ,economical community prefereably in North East (due to low rents) which could fall in the list of designated districts for these schools.

    I am thinking of rent to own option as well.Has any one any idea what is the minimum down/initial payment and average interest rate for buying an apartment/house .I tried searching and found down payment as low as 5% and interest rate at 3%,really doubtful about it,are these correct rates?

    Any help will be highly appreciated.
  14. hey newcomer i am also planning to live in NW since i will be pursuing my M.Eng degree in U of C. there is a place in NW that cost 1700 CAD and have four rooms i guess and a kitchen and a sitting room. the place is pretty good. since i am a student i cant afford that much but i can rent one of the room so if u think thats a good deal.. i am an easy going student and i have been living in flats for the last 10 years in pakistan so i know exactly how to deal. if you or anyone else find it comfortable i can rent a room in the house...

    waiting for reply

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