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Affordable areas for residence in Calgary

Discussion in 'Housing' started by newcomer, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. hi,

    Can anyone provide me which are the affordable and safe areas for living in Calgary.

  2. NE is the most affordable area in calgary if you are renting. Border of NE & NW is most secure (panorama hills, coventry & countryhills etc.)
  3. Really depends...I think Calgary is super safe but I'm a 30ish male. If you are the same, I'd live in a trendy area: Mission, Inglewood, even *gulp* the renovated East Village (the city is trying to clean it up but large beat cop presence, you actually feel safer than surburbia). In the South, you have Bonavista, Parkland which are both safe.

    I'd suggest you tell people price range, need for certain services, then someone can narrow it down for you.


  4. Hey Calgary1 .. plz specifiy ur rents...
  5. If you are looking for accomodation near university then NW would be better option for you.You may look upon kijiji, craiglist Calgary. I am in NE part so it takes 40 min to commute to university by public transport.
  6. umm ya thanks .. but still i would like to know about the rents u r offering bcoz 40mins wont matter to me.. plus i lyk NE... so do u mind to mention how much u gona charge ???
  7. Hi friends,

    I would also like to know about average rents in NW of Calgary as I have heard its safer and most of good High schools are located there .Calgary1 and others could you plz advice what could a reasonable 2 bedroom apartment will cost especially if it is very close to bus stop,hospitals and shopping.

    Moreover as I am thinking of renting a furnished apartment initially for 2 weeks or so what could be the rents of furnished apartments in NW or even NE.Can anyone suggest me an economical place like SAFEHOMESTAY (in Toronto) in Calgary as well.

    Any help will be highly appreciated.

  8. Basically everywhere in calgary is safe
    Stay away from forest lawn

    Check homerent.ca
  9. For rent pl PM me.
  10. Hi,

    Does anybody know the Beltline community within Calgary? We have found a really nice little apartment there but we heard some bad stories about that place like there are prostitualts at night etc.

    We don’t know what to do now as we need the apartment urgently however we don’t want to move with our little son somewhere unsafe.

    I would appreciate your opinion if any.

    Thank you,
  11. it depends
    do you have kids cause thats downtown
    if you are young and no kids its perfect but me I have a 5 year old and I live in Midnapore with lots of parks and a lake
    great family fun
  12. I'm moving alone to Calgary last week of July, looking for accomdation in southwest.

    any recommendations in southwest area?
  13. calgary is quite big
    it depends in if you plan to take public transit or drive
    go to homerent.ca and search based on your job location
    that makes it easier take a 6 month lease and then move once you know your way around the city

  14. thanks glowingheart
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