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[Advise] Late Settlement


Sep 16, 2015
Hi All,

I would love to hear some advice from you guys here in this forum for my situation.

I'm currently having a decent job in Australia (IT professional, not very high end salary and cruising work style but not so bad, able to feed my family of 2 without struggling too much). I love Canada and I want to migrate there in an early future. In fact I've already been granted PR.

Now I have the intention to do the migration and settlement roughly in 3 years' time (which means I have 2 years left to fulfil the requirement for PR renewal in Canada). My reason being is:

1) I have an alright job right now and I want to save up some more to make a smooth settlement rather than starting from scratch in Canada right now.
2) My wife and I plan to have baby in 6-12 months' time and migration now can introduce hardship to the whole family
3) I will be eligible to convert to Australian in 3 years' time. This is probably an add-on/bonus rather than a reason.

I want to ask everyone here:
1) Is it a wise choice to make? Or in other words, does it make sense to do so?
2) Is there any disadvantage to my life journey in Canada when there is a big gap between first landing and actual settlement? For example, social benefits, job prospect, etc.
3) I'm a bit worried about renewal of PR (or Returning as PR visa) when I only have exactly 2 years towards the end of the required 5 year period. What do you reckon? Is it really an issue?
4) Did I waste my first 3 years? LOL
5) Anyone has done the same as me? What was your experience?

Thanks so much guys.

Cheers and Merry XMas ;D


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Sep 2, 2014
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Hi Huubang,

On re-entering Canada - you will sail smooth as long as you are entering before the last 2 years begin as one may need to prove while entering that they will be able to complete the PR obligation (spending 2 years out of 5 years) in order to retain the PR status.

On loosing benefits - there are several formalities that need to be completed upon entering Canada for the first time like getting your PR card (takes around 1.5 months), getting your social security, medical card etc. All of these papers/ cards can be obtained in a period of 2 months from within Canada. In case you decide to leave before that, these will not be posted to any address outside Canada. In order to get these you will need to give address, contact number etc. In case you have a friend or a relative there, they will be able to help you with these things. I would recommend to complete these formalities before leaving for Australia. There will not be any job prospect impact as you will be working that time too (in Australia) hence there will be no hiatus in your career.

On renewal of PR - this can be done iff you have spent 2 years out of 5 within Canada otherwise you will need to approach a lawyer to help you out.

Wise choice or not - this actually depends on person and the situation. I would not be able to comment on this.

Anyone done the same - not in my knowledge but I am sure there are a few.

Another thing to ponder/ explore - if your child is born in Australia then he/ she is going to be an Australian Citizen. Do find out the process of getting the PR for a foreign born child. Find out if it is going to be a lengthy process and if you are willing to do that.

Hope this was helpful in the slightest manner.


Sep 16, 2015
Thank you for your clear explanation. I appreciate that. Hope to hear more from other folks :)