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Advice please ----CANADA muture education plan


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Jun 28, 2016
Dear Seniors,

I have got rejection once in my study permit with reason i applied for the same level course study CAIPS REASON also not a bonafied student , i applied for 2 years finance diploma from Sheridan college (my approach was masters programs are expensive so i wanted to take diploma route and wanted to go for master later after getting PR ) i have done 2 years bba , 2 years bcom from pakistan..one reason was my age 37 and 3 kids i applied for all of them. now as the govt allow muture student so can i apply for the same along wiht my kids . or do i need to go for masters degree as its very difficult to get offer letter for masters program . i am 6.5 in IELTS
now anyone can guide me as i can not go for GMAT, which universities or colleges are offering courses or certificates which will leads towards masters program in finance mainly in ontario and BC

One important question can i change my study area of interest towards physchology as i am interested in ABA for Autism and human development , cognitive science . Any body have experienced and approved visa in a situation .

One last question my youngest son is ADHD as per a doctor now which they say as he is delayed in speech, and as per them symtoms will go in future with proper counselling , can i take him with me in case of visa approval, he will be 5 in february , or any medical issue will he face and any rejection chances if any one can answer ....
please reply and help