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Advice needed!! TRV for an infant

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by draviki, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. Hello,

    (Background: Me and my partner already have PR status. We did temporary short landing in april 2016. Baby was born in January 2017. For some reason, we had to deliver the baby in India. Now, we wish to relocate to canada. Baby does not have the PR. So we planning to take him on visitor visa and apply for his PR from there.)

    I'm filling the application for temporary resident visa for my 8 month old baby. I'll appreciate if those of you experienced can help out.

    In the online questionnaire, I have doubts on following questions:

    1. it asks, 'are you giving someone access to your application'?
    What do I choose ?
    Should I choose 'Neither' or 'grant access to IRCC (because baby's parent is filling the application on his behalf)'?
    If I choose 'grant access to IRCC' next question it asks, did your representative submit the letter to IRCC? which is irrelevant in our case.
    Hence confused.
    Does the letter mentioned mean the form IMM5475E?

    2. it asks 'what is the main purpose of you visit'?
    Our main purpose is basically applying for his PR after reaching there.
    So, do i choose 'visit family/friends' or 'other'.

    3. it says 'how are you related to your family member'?
    the applicant is our baby. from his point of view, what do I choose 'Parent' or 'Child'?

    Please help.
  2. Hi. may I know the status of your application. was it approved ? how long it took?. I would be in similar situation soon
  3. I applied on 5th November...it got rejected on 25th November, saying purpose of travel not satisfactory (i had chosen other)
    Now reapplied on December 1st. Still waiting...
  4. Unfortunately, it is not surprising why your baby was refused a TRV.

    As you and your spouse did a short landing and returned to India, stating the purpose of visit for your baby's TRV as wanting to apply for his/her PR later will not work.

    It is advisable that one parent (the father of the baby) first returns to Canada.... establishes yourself (finds a job, place to live, etc). This would prove to IRCC that you intend to return to Canada long-term yourself. You can then file for the baby's PR as an outland process (not a TRV)
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  5. how long it takes for the infant s
  6. It could take a few months
  7. do you know how long it takes to get the PR for infant through the sponsorship ? considering one parent is in Canada ?
  8. It could take a few months
  9. Hello,
    How did you proceed with your application? Did you apply for TRV or will be directly applying for PR?
  10. draviki..I am almost in the same situation like you only difference is that I have returned to canada in july last year but my spouse and 1.5 year baby is back in india. as i could not find gainful employment in my field till dec i couldnot initiate pr sp[onsor for my kid but now i realised that it will take at least 4-5 months but my concern is my spouse PR status may be at stake if not returned by april due to overstaying outside canada..so my only hope is TRV i would like to ask
    -what docs you uploaded or sent.
    -did you sent or uploaded letter of invitation .and if yes did you uploaded or just mailed.
    -did you sent return flight tickets.
    -what docs did you gave to establish strong ties to native country.
    I know these are lot of questions for you,:) but please try to answer as I am really worried about my TRV to be filed.
  11. Do not purchase plane tickets especially non-refundable. Itinerary is fine.
  12. what docs you uploaded or sent.
    I submitted online thru child's cic account. You will get the checklist when you go ahead with creating a temporary visitor visa application.
    -did you sent or uploaded letter of invitation .and if yes did you uploaded or just mailed.
    Yes, I uploaded the letter of invitation
    -did you sent return flight tickets.
    My story is my first trv application applied in October 2017 got rejected in 20 days saying there is no proof that child will return. So we bought flight ticket for feb 2018 and attached it as proof in our second trv application submitted in December 2017. It got rejected after 45 days for same reasons.
    So, in short, flight tickets weren't of much help.
    -what docs did you gave to establish strong ties to native country.

    So finally out of desperation we approached a consultant in New Delhi. (Abhinav consultants) we had almost lost hope but these guys boosted our confidence.
    So we gave it one more try with their help and submitted on Jan 25th 2018
    Received the passport request just yesterday.

    Only difference this time was the LOE. So, i would say don't lose hope. Submit the application for trv and make sure to explain your situation clearly in LOE that why you require this trv.
  13. Thanks a lot Draviki. congratulations for your TRV.
    I am planning to apply online with GC key login on behalf of my baby with letter of invitation,explanation for requirement of TRV, I think LOE mean letter of explanation..I am not sending return tickets hopefully I will obtain TRv for my kid.
  14. senior members....i am currently in process of filling online trv for my kid any body can clarify I am applying online behalf of my 1.5 year baby and have createed gc key online account in the name of baby and there is a question "How are you related to your family member?" my question is is this babies point of view or what? the correct answer should be child or parent it ugent..thanks in advance
  15. I would suggest that move to Canada and get baby delivered here and avoid all such hassles of TRV/sponsorship.

    Congratulations to all new parents here.

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