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Advice-how to get group home accommodation Ottawa

Discussion in 'Housing' started by pinaydaga, Sep 5, 2019.

  1. Divorced disability pensioner out of Canada for several months seeks a shared/group home accommodation. Unable to find job before he left the country due to his disability but is receiving disability pension benefits. Plans to reapply for ODSP allowance (which was disallowed when he left the country) and OHIP when he gets back. So he has only these source of income to pay for accommodation.

    Also he is advised by his doctor not to live alone because of his terminal illness condition.

  2. He or someone else will need to research group homes in the area where he wants to live - as well as related fees (some are far more expensive than others depending on the accommodations, level of care provided, etc.). He should consider the level of care required - for example, is he looking for a hospice / palliative care? Note that some of these services will not be available to him until he has OHIP coverage.

    Typically there are waiting lists - so he'll want to get himself on those asap for the places where he is interested in living.

    Depending on how long he has been outside of Canada, he will need to wait three months after he arrives in Canada before he will qualify for OHIP again. If the three month wait time applies, he will have to cover all costs on his own during that time.
  3. It will also take time to process things like ODSP. This person seems to be terminally ill. Do they have the funds to pay for medical care for 3 months. If they have family in the Philippines is it really a good idea to come back to Canada with zero support and no healthcare or place to live?

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