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Adding spouse to existing PNP PR Application

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by needPermit, May 4, 2017.

  1. Hello Everyone,
    I currently have my PNP PR application in process and I am waiting for my medical. I am getting married soon and I am planning to add my wife's name to my existing application.

    Can someone tell me what sort of upfront documents can I send. Should we do her medical and police clearance before and then send the updated docs to CIC?

    If you've been through the same position, please share your experience.
  2. HI

    Hi just saw your post

    hope you have added your spouse in your application

    But i have few question about it !

    If you have already added your spouse !.. whats the status of your application now
  3. I don't know what my status is. I've already sent all my documentation but I still don't see the update online where my wife's name should appear. I hope the CIC officer adds her name to my file soon.
  4. First you when you get married you have to register your marriage( whatever country you are in) that will be your proof of relationship
    Then police clearance certificate, her passport and family information form that will be signed by her originally .
    You can send these documents to cic then you have to pay PR fees (450+590 or something to sure)
    After that you guys will get medical request together .
    Her name will appear as dependent on you file . Cic will add her on your file as dependent ( secondary) applicant
  5. Thanks for your reply !
    I did all ! I registered my marriage !
    As soon as we were married we informed CIC also sent the requested package to them !

    Then they requested to take medicals for my spouse and update the Schedule A for me ( primary applicant) !

    Now how long should i wait to see the next move ?

    Its already 21 months since I applied ! PNP ontario .

    literally bothering me a lot :(
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  6. Hi everyone,

    My file for PNP PR is also under processing. I have cleared the medical and Now I want to add my spouse to my current application. As mentioned on CIC website, I raised an enquiry through web form but the reply I got was vague and they didn't even ask for documents. How did you guys inform CIC about the change? How long it took to receive a reply from them? What all documents I need to prepare.
    I shall be very thankful to you for your quick reply.

    Saurabh Sharma
  7. Ajithbilla
    any update on your file? I also added spouse and its been 19 months no update
  8. Hi guyz,
    adding spouse as dependent will it increase our timeline of the application ? Please advise, Currently 18 months to process application will it go further ?
  9. Same here june 30 applicant. Waiting for DM/PPR
  10. hi,
    please be more when u applied for pr and when u added your spouse .


    in my case
    i applied for pnp pr (paper file) in nov 2016. got aor 2nd feb 2017,
    got married in nov 2017, added my wife in mid of december 2017 , after two days her name added to my file.
    so now how long i have to wait 21 months from nov 2016 or 21 months from dec 2017.
    still waiting for my medical
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  11. hello i ma dec 2016 applicant, aor 9 feb ,added spouse in dec 2017, got medical on 8 jan 2018 just me not a wife, i applied for owp for wife in January ,she got open work permit in march.
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  12. Congo to you
    My wife also got owp.
    Only thing is i didnt get my medical.
    Still waiting .
  13. Hi guys
    May I know how long will it take to get pr after addition of spouse to existing pr application?
    I am candidate of sep 2016 and I added my spouse in mid dec 2017. Still waiting for medical.
  14. same here man
    oct 13 2016 still waiting medical
    wife add sep 14 17
  15. Did u apply open work permit for your wife ?

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