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Accomodation in Hamilton or surroundings.

Discussion in 'Housing' started by SoniaJav, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. Hi.
    We are a family of three (2 adults and a 2yr old) coming back to Canada in November 2019 (we made a short landing stayed 3months with relatives). Looking for a 2 bed or 1+ den apartment in Hamilton or surrounding areas.
    Public transport access is a must. Learning center/park is a bonus.
    Budget 1300$cad.
    Kindly pour in your contacts/auggestions.
  2. Hamilton has a pretty tight rental market and the majority of landlords will not consider renting a 1+ bedroom for a family with 2 children. Canada operates on a 30-60 day notice system so you are unlikely to find rentals before September. Landlords are also unlikely to rent to people they haven’t seen. There of course exceptions but you should want to check the rental before committing to a lease. Landlords tend to only highlight the positives.

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