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ACCA affiliate looking to Join CGA canada need help.

Discussion in 'International Students' started by arsal12, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. HI there,
    I am an ACCA affiliate and on basis of it i can get exemptions in CGA till advanced level and have to appear in the remaining papers which are 4 to five and can be completed in 1.5 years. But one has to be present in Canada to get admission in CGA. The other option is ; ACCA affiliate should work for 36 months any where in the world /home country to become member of ACCA this 36 months requirement is for all accounting professional bodies, So if become member and than apply to CGA so i directly become a member of CGA and do not have to appear in exams and do not need to get 36 months experience again for CGA...
    I am unsure that should i apply for Student visa? or any other way? My priority is to gain 36 months experience working in Canada and on the same time appearing in the remaining CGA papers which is allowed to do. But still the problem is this an individual gets admission in CGA when he/she is physically present in Canada..

    Need Your help please guide me through a route that settles me in Canada. I am A Pakistani National currently Living In Pakistan. Help full answers will be highly appreciated.. Thanks in Advance
  2. As'salam Alikum,

    ACCA has no market in Canada so simply forgot about that Affiliation leads you for good exposure. I guess you haven't read CGA website till yet as they stated to be CGA you must have one of the status:
    1. Personal Residence
    2. Canadian Nationality
    3. Citizenship

    If you have non of them you can't enroll yourself in CGA even you become Member of ACCA.

    So it's better to get admission in some Bachelors, Diploma, Master or Post Graduate Diploma depend on your education profile and get PR first than enroll yourself in CGA.

    Why Canada offer a student to join CGA program as they know CGA is design for Canadian market only?
    Think about it.
  3. Hi Raheel

    Can an ACCA affiliate (If done after FSc) apply for Bachelors ?
  4. Yes they can . .

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