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Abu-Dhabi, Refugee, exceeded processing time, final stages, HELP!!


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Oct 23, 2019
Hello everyone,
I am the PA, applied for Privately sponsored refugee program (Syrian refugee), to Quebec
I exceeded the normal processing time stated in cic website
Application was received on system since 2016, interview done 20 months ago.
I cleared the Police background check (as been told from the embassy by email).
I received the medical email since july 2019, its done and received in Ecas

I contacted Immigration Quebec, they told me that CSQ had been issued and sent to my sponsor since 7 days (Oct, 16th).

So, I got accepted for Quebec, and fulfilled all the requirements of Federal.

My status (ecas) is still "in process", I just want to know what is the expected time to have "decision made" on ecas?, and is there any possibility to get PPR before the end of this year? Because they usually give 2-3 months for visa validity ((and I heard that they do not issue visa for applicants to be travelled in the period between Dec 25 and Jan 5 "holiday season"))
So is what I heard true? Or i might get PPR before the end of 2019?!

I sent an email to Abu-Dhabi visa office (informing them that I contacted Quebec Immigration and CSQ has been issued a week ago, medical and security have cleared successfully ...so could i i travel before 2020 or not?))

They replied with the usual email "Please note your application is still under process, this office kindly requests you to be patient. At the moment, we are not in a position to determine when we can finalize your application nor are we in a position to provide you with a very specific timeline."

anyone can HELP, please?!!
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