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about New Brunswick's entrepreneur program

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by yulie wang, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. people who is interested in immigrating to Canada by entrepreneur program should take an eye on New Brunswick,the only one province that provide permanent residence before candidate invest in the province.
  2. anyone interested in this program,don't hesitate to ask me
  3. I am very much interested. Pls am eager to be guided by you. How can I get your contact for us to have a conversation? Thank you. Awaiting your response
  4. Pm me on WhatsApp +8613588023035
  5. hi,please pm me on whatsapp,+8613588023035
  6. Myself from Chandigarh/INDIA, interested in Business PR category. Personally i have approx. 20 years of business experience and have little net worth to invest. I am ready to buy/acquire a running business in Canada and presently i am exploring Atlantic region of Canada.
    PLease share business opportunities in New Brunswick / Nova Scotia. My whatsapp no is 917710551800 and mail id is globalmoneyguru@gmail.com
  7. Hi Yulie
    R u from China and promoting New Brunswick province. Share your china/canada office address
  8. K.B.L. International Services Inc.
    Contact: Shane Cassidy
    24 Coburg St.,
    Saint John, NB E2L 3J5\
    Phone: 1-506 693 6366
    Fax: 1-506 693 8217
    Email: shanecassidy@kblcdn.com
    Website: www.kblcdn.com
    You can see us as a NB designated representative on NB’s immigration website. And our head office is in Shanghai china.
  9. Hello am interested in coming to New brunswick as a skilled worker, here is my whatsapp number +2347032268520, please kindly add me
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    Hi Yulie
    I would like to ask about entrepreneur information session, is there any one upcoming in Sep or Oct?
  11. Yes I'm interested, what are the requirements?
  12. Quote from NB website:

    NBPNP – Entrepreneurial Stream
    The Entrepreneurial Stream was developed for experienced business owners and senior managers who wish to become permanent residents by owning a business in New Brunswick (NB) and managing it, while residing in the Province.

    Eligibility Requirements
    • have an eligible connection to New Brunswick; and
    • be between 22-55 years of age; and
    • have a score of at least 5 on the Canadian Language Benchmark Test in speaking, listening, reading and writing competencies in English or French; and
    • have completed a minimum of two years of full-time post-secondary education after completing high school; and
    • have a verifiable personal net worth** of at least CAD $600,000 of which CAD $300,000 must be liquid and unencumbered funds; and
    • have at least three out of five years of experience in managing and owning a business (of at least 33.3%);
      have five years out of five of experience in a senior business management role or more;
    • want to live permanently in New Brunswick, while owning and managing a local business; and
    • be able to invest at least $250,000 CAD of your own funds to establish a business in NB.

    I have 2 queries ,

    1 - What is meant by "have eligible connection to New Burnswick" ???

    2 - I have worked five years as a senior management position but i am not working for last 2 years, the guide line says that "have worked five years out of five " does this means tha i am not eligible as in last five years i have worked for three years ??

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