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A quick question to seniors like dpenabill sycala ans leon

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by 21685, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. When I was staying outside of Canada for a year I was given some admin assignment which I was doing there for X Co a Private Co in Canada like negotiating with prospective clients for expansion of Co business etc.,
    Can I mention in employment history that during this period when I was not in Canada I was working or employed with the X Co in Canada or will there be any problem saying that how you work for a Canada based Co while living abroad
  2. I don't think it will matter much as long as you meet you 1095+ days requirement physically in Canada.
  3. Thank you keesio
  4. Obviously the citizenship applicant needs to provide a complete work history for the five year "eligibility" period, providing respective information specified in the application form Item 11, including the name of all employers. No need to elaborate or explain more about the nature of the employment (unless there is something which is overtly confusing or potentially misleading, which would be unusual since the employment history information is rather basic). Obviously "place of employment" is the location where the applicant was actually working.

    Reminder: a new version of the application was implemented late last month. Always use the most current version.
  5. Thank you dpenabill your explanation are always awesome. I was outside of Canada for one year during that period I was working for a private Co which is doing their business in Canada but the question is the Co did not pay me for the whole year they paid me partly if they ask me to show salary proof then it may be problem. What is your opinion regarding this point mam.
  6. Thank you dpenabill waiting for your response

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