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A question regarding registration a sole proprietorship?

Discussion in 'Start Your Own Business in Canada – Self Employmen' started by elhamrahmani, Jul 11, 2018.

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    Dear Forum,

    I have a specific question. My family and I came to Canada in Dec 2016 with our German citizenship. We are highly educated couple, both with PhDs. I had LMIA and my husband an open work permit for 2 years, until Dec 2018. I laied off from my job in Februray 2018 and still has not been hired. Now decided to open our own business.
    Does anybody know if we can get a new open work permit by registrating or own incorporation or a sole proprietorship?
    We have applied for Alberta nominy through the work of my husband but it takes too long to enable PR for us.
    We are going to apply for Express Entry as well but it needs time for preparing us for IELTS test.
    Before the PR processe we need to extend our work permit or get a new one to have enough time to work on PT.
    Any advice from you will be greatly appreciated...

    Thanks a lot and best wishes for all...
  2. No, you are not eligible for an Open Work Permit based on your potential business.
    In fact, you would be working illegally in your own business, as there is no way to even get a closed work permit for it.
  3. Gotcha, thank you very much for your guide.

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