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A guide for preparing Parents Sponsorship/ Immigration Application

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by gst8486, Jul 5, 2018.

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    Following are the key points which I would like to suggest the sponsors/ applicants who are going to apply for their parent's immigration:
    1. Make sure you choose the below highlighted option in form IMM1344 (Application to Sponsor, Sponsorship Agreement)

    2. Every-time you do a change in the information entered in the form, do not forget to click Validate on the forms (if Validate button is in the form). To make things easy for your parents, I would suggest you to print the documents and courier them. Once received, parents can go through the form and sign those. After that they can courier the forms back to you with the Photographs, photocopies of their passport pages, Marriage certificate/ affidavits etc.

    3. For IMM4506 (Additional Family Information), do not forget to write names in native (non-english) language if your parents are coming from country where English is not an official or national language. You can fill the form in English and then print it, after that the names in native language can be written by hand.

    4. Make sure that on the back of photographs of parents is as per the IRCC dimensional specification. Also make sure that at the back of photographs, the name and date of birth of the subject is provided, as well as the name and complete address of the photography studio, date on which the picture was taken; the photographer may use a stamp or hand-write this information. Stick-on labels are unacceptable.
      Put the photographs in a small ziplock bag, and write on top of the ziplock bag the name, UCI and DOB of the subject. This ziplock bag will become part of the application package.

    5. In the application package Include the printed ITA letter received from IRCC via email. Surprisingly the checklist hasn't asked for it, but the ITA letter itself says that the it should be kept as the first document (on top) of the application package.

    6. Do not forget to provide USE OF REPRESENTATIVE FORM IMM5476:
      Provide IMM 5476: Use of Representative form even if in the IRCC checklist it says 'to be completed/ provided, if applicable'. Assuming that by default a sponsor is a representative for the parents, many applicants didn't provide the form with their application, but later after receiving the application package, IRCC asked for IMM 5476, this could delay the process, so its' better to provide this form along with the other forms.

    7. Form IMM5768 Financial Evaluation for Parents Sponsorship
      If you are working for the same company for last three year, Assuming you worked for a company XYZ, and assuming family size 5 with gross income 90k, I would fill the form year wise, see the below example:


    8. Here is another example for reporting income


      Assuming that you are making $100,000 per annum since 2015 and you have worked for 4 different companies and your family size has been 5 since 2015, In my case, I filled the Employment History section of form in year-wise fashion, and I would suggest you to pick gross income mentioned in your NOAs.

      For your employment from 2018-01-01 to present, you can total the salary as per your paychecks. Make sure you leave no gaps in between the dates.

    9. Here is another example for reporting income
      I will recommend you to use the annual income mentioned in Notice of assessment (NOA) for past three years. I am not confident about putting individual incomes mentioned in individual T4s for individual employer. Basically you make two things clear in section 14. of this form IMM5768
      1. where you worked in 2015, 2016, 2017 and beginning of 2018
      2. how much you made in year 2015, 2016, 2017 and beginning of 2018

      Assuming that in year 2017, you worked for two employers (Employer 2 and Employer 2.1) and made $100,000 in total in year 2017 (as per NOA), I would suggest you the below format to apply. I will also suggest you to put in brackets 'this was my second job/ employer' infront of employer/ company name.


      Also as shown under columns for gross income in 2017, draw a big bracket with the help of a scale, to show that you are showing a combined income

    10. There could be cases where the parents don’t have a marriage certificate. In that case if the parents can get a marriage certificate done quick enough it’s great; otherwise an affidavit (done in local court/ magistrate) will do the job. In addition to the home address, make sure the affidavit carries passport number and date of birth of your father and mother. Provide original copy of the affidavits with the application package, but make sure you keep a copy of the affidavits. Also, provide an explanation letter to IRCC saying that an affidavit has been provided as an evidence of the marriage of your parents.

      Here is a post by one of the forum members who applied for her parents immigration in 2017, she confirmed the use of affidavit as a marriage document for her parents and she had no issues in. So far even I had no issues too!

    11. If an applicant or co-applicant was on a maternity leave, the maternity pay/ EI will count as income as it's considered a special payment from EI.

    12. I recommend not leaving UCI column blank if your parents have dealt with CIC/ IRCC in the past. There should be UCI on the letters or correspondence with IRCC for visitor or super visa, if you don't have those letters, the visa stamp on your parents passport will also carry UCI#


    13. If IRCC has provided a PO BOX address only, note that only Canada Post could deliver to PO Box address, courier company's can't!

    14. For form IMM 5669 Schedule A – Background/Declaration, under Authority to Disclose Personal Information section, it appears that no signatures are required if the name of the applicant is typed in the signature box, there is no instruction on the form stating that after typing the name, the form has to be signed by hand also (after printing the form). However in the application guide (Screenshot 2) there are instructions i.e. type the name, print the form, sign the form with hand. I wish IRCC would have put the same instruction in the form also, there is a great chance that people will assume that the signatures with hand are not required. I recommend everyone to read Guide 5772 again and again.

      Please note that the form IMM 5669 is required to be filled by principle applicant, co-applicant/ spouse and their dependent children aged 18 years or older (if applicable).

      Screenshot 1:

      Screenshot 2:

    15. IRCC has recommended to pay the Application Fee + right of permanent residence fee ($550 +$490 = $1040) to avoid delays. But you do have the choice to pay $490 at later stage but it could delay the file (as highlighted by IRCC).


    16. In Supporting Document - Part B section of checklist, I would suggest to check mark on the Proof of Income or Notice of Assessment..... option and accordingly provide NOA or any other proof of income for yourself and your co-sponsor (if applicable). Though i found this section of checklist little confusing; in first read it appeared that the sponsor is required to provide NOA only if the sponsor denies providing his or her SIN number in form IMM5768. But i believe the NOAs are to be provided regardless of response provided in IMM5768. I don't believe it will hurt!
    17. In case you can't provide a document, or you think that there is something which will help IRCC officer in understanding a particular document or scenario, prepare an explanation letter and add it in the application package. Avoid creating multiple explaination letters, rather make one letter and exaplain everthin gin it. DO not forget to sign the letter. Also provide your UCI#, NAME, DOB and address in the letter.

    18. Before mailing the application to IRCC, make sure you check the whole application atleast twice. Don't prepare the application in rush, take your time in ensuring that you didn't miss anything.
    Additional notes:
    • The sponsor has to maintain the required income till the Parents land in Canada as permanent resident.
    Hopefully this helps. please hit the like button if you found the information useful!

    Please note that above suggestions are on the basis of my understanding.
  2. Thanks
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  4. Hi,
    I have question regarding IMM5669e. my grandparents date of birth and date of death is unknown. so I put ****-**-** as per guide 5772. but system not allowing me to validate the form. so I am sending un validated form with letter of explanation. will this work .?

    Thanks for looking into my question.
  5. Thanks for the detailed suggestions on preparing the forms. But I learned that I won't be able to appeal if I choose the highlight option on form IMM1344. If so, please let me know why you suggested to choose it?
  6. As per guide 5772, you can only Check “proceed with the application for permanent residence” if you submit an undertaking of assistance to support the permanent residence application of a family member or close relative on Humanitarian and compassionate considerations.
  7. Sorry, maybe some misunderstanding here. I referred to the Form IMM 1344 as following. There are two options to check, you suggested to make sure to check the first option, but I learned that the first option may not give me the opportunity to appeal if the application is refused. I'm not sure whether the information I got is correct or not. I'd like to learn why you suggested to check the first option, not the second one in the following form? Thank you so much.
  8. Here is the screenshot from the Guide 5772 where the reasoning is mentioned:
  9. May I ask what is the reason for #1?
    The two options I see here are:
    1 - return my money-$75
    2 - Proceed with application

    Why choose 1 over 2?
  10. Because if you are ineligible, they can still process your application but it will be refused at the end.

    Some people try to select to proceed to try H&C or some other wants to apparel.
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  11. Because option 2 is only for 'Humanitarian and compassionate Considerations'. The below screenshot is from guide 5772.
  12. Question, If the application is refused because it is incomplete or because income is less, then do we get the full refund of $1040 x 2?
  13. Hi folks, Question how much should I have to pay fee 2 persons (for my mom and dad) sponsorship (1040 x 2 = 2080).
  14. The application will NOT be refused just because it's incomplete. It will be returned or additional documents will be request. You can resubmit or add the request documents. So you do not and will not need refund.

    If it's refused because of LICO, then I believe some part of it will be refund.. I need to do more reading to see how much will be refund.

    If you do not meet LICO, I suggest just not to apply and wait till your income is more stable. You will be responsible for your parents for 20 years. So do it when you are financially stable.
  15. IRCC has recommended to pay the Application Fee + right of permanent residence fee ($550 +$490 = $1040) to avoid delays. But you do have the choice to pay $490 at later stage but it could delay the file (as highlighted by IRCC).
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