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A Family Settling in Regina, Saskatchewan as a Visitor Permit

Discussion in 'Housing' started by BlueCottage, Jul 11, 2018.

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    Hello all,

    my family and I are trying to move to a different province from Ontario to Regina in Saskatchewan with having a visitor permit for the purpose of living here.

    While we were planning to move, I heard that the act of renting a house without working permit demands us to get a guarantor which concerned me about not having anyone to be a guarantor and also, we are not willing to search for one because of our unstable situation.

    Q1) With the visitor permit, do we MUST get a guarantor to rent a house? If so, can we change that condition to paying more damage deposit for the amount of 2 or 3 months of payment?​

    We are planning to leave Ontario and arrive in Regina about 4 or 5 days later (we are traveling with a truck). The meaning of "about" is that we don't exactly know when we're going to arrive at the destination. So we can't book a house tour before we rent a house which means that we have to go directly to a rental house and see if there are any affordable rentals for us to decide right on the spot to settle on its day. (The reason why we're so persistent about renting a house on that day is that we can't afford money to get a hotel and stay there for few nights)

    Q2) Can we go to the rental house without booking an appointment to decide our house?

    Q3) If it's possible, are we allowed to move into the rented house right after finishing a lease contract?​

    We are trying to get a house with 2 bedrooms along with 800~900 dollars for the monthly payment (we don't care if the place is an apartment, house, or a townhouse). Do you have any suggestions for a particular rent house that benefits our financial conditions and circumstances? Also, if you have any advise, please don't hesitate to tell us.

    Please and Thank you,


    My family and I :)
  2. I don't understand how you are planning on going from a visitor permit to citizenship. That's not possible.
  3. I wrote that because I didn't want any questions being asked like "why are you so persistent about going to Saskatchewan?" and I couldn't remember how to explain it... I'm really sorry for the confusion... I only wanted to know the answers to my questions. I changed the phrase in the intro to avoid another confusion. Thank you for asking though :)
  4. Whether you have legal status in Canada will make a difference on whether landlords may be willing to rent to you. It is pretty unusual to show up at an apartment listing, sign a lease and move in that day. Sounds like you are also wanting to unload a moving truck right then and there.
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  5. I would agree. Typically leases are signed weeks or sometimes even a couple of months before the end of the previous lease. There are of course exceptions.

    Typically you need an appointment to see a house. You don't just show up - you have to contact the landlord to arrange something. This is especially true if the unit is still occupied.
  6. If you don't have a job, may or may not have status in Canada and don't have extra savings it will be difficult to rent an apartment. A guarantor or co-signer isn't necessary but it is a way for people in your situation to rent a house or apartment much easier.
  7. If you cannot afford hotel, why don't you consider temporary sleeping in the truck or camping in nearby campgrounds with facilities?

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