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7 Cheap Places to Consider Studying in Canada

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Sahadat Sayem, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. Everyone wants a ‘good bang for their buck'. In other words they want to get something of value for the best price. If you are planning on studying in Canada next year, then you want to find a cheap college or university that gives you a quality education that is internationally recognised. So where can you get good value at a cheap price?

    Douglas College: Located in New Westminster, a commuter centre to larger Vancouver, BC, Douglas College has many advantages for international students studying in Canada. A college is an ideal choice for studying because students have the advantage of smaller classes and individual attention but they still get the quality they would receive at a larger university. If you study at Douglas you also can consider options of an associate degree or university transfer credit which allows you to transfer to a major university after 2 years of studying at Douglas. You will then have a degree from one of Canada's top-notch universities. And all of this can be done at a cheaper price too.

    Douglas' tuition cost for 2012 is about $14,000 which is a considerable savings over a top-tiered Canadian university. Universities in Canada charge anywhere from $20,000 to $25,000 per year. That means you can save around $8000 in one year by studying at Douglas College. Additionally, if you study in Canada for 2 years at Douglas and then transfer to a to university for your final 2 years, you will have a degree from an internationally recognised Canadian university and you will have saved roughly $16,000 than if you had attended the university for all 4 years.

    Dalhousie University: Dalhousie in Halifax, Nova Scotia is a full-fledged university in Canada where you can study for an undergraduate or graduate degree. If you are planning on studying in Canada, this university is a leading, research intensive university offering 180 programs in 11 faculties. Scholarships and funding are available for both its undergraduates and graduates. Tuition fees are around $14,000 per year. When you graduate, you may find that there are fewer employment opportunities in this region of Canada, so you may want to consider relocating to other parts of Canada for work.

    Georgian College: Located in Barrie, a ‘bedroom' city to Toronto, Georgian College is another ideal starter college for international students who plan on studying in Canada. This small college has agreements with a number of top-notch Canadian universities including York and the University of Toronto. One of the plus features of this college is its many Co-op and Internship programs which gives the student work experience while still attending classes. Students usually get paid for working while studying and get credit for their work experience. This college boasts that 90% of their graduates get work in Canada after completing their program. Their tuition cost for the year averages $13,000.

    Grant MacEwan University: Located in Edmonton, Alberta, this smaller university offers to international students studying in Canada all the facilities of a larger university. It is an ideal place for students who want to study in Canada after completion of their Intermediate exams. If you pass with 1st division you may easily qualify for a position at this fine university. Grant MacEwan has a university transfer agreement with the University of Alberta and Calgary. For example a student who studies Engineering for 1 year at Grant MacEwan and gets a good GPA is guaranteed admittance to the 2nd year of Engineering at the University of Alberta. Tuition for one year at Grant MacEwan is approximately $15,000; a savings of $5000 from the University of Alberta's $20,000 plus cost. Alberta is an ideal province to live in because of its lower cost of living and its low unemployment rate which means that if you want to work in Canada after you graduate, then this is an ideal institution for you.

    Memorial University: This is another Maritime located province on Canada's eastern coast. It too is a full-fledged university offering both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Its tuition is one of the lowest in Canada so if you are looking for low tuition while studying in Canada you might want to consider Memorial. Memorial is situated in one of the richest provinces of Canada, due to off-shore drilling. Low cost of tuition and living is a major factor in wanting to study at this university, but you may have to consider moving to other parts of Canada for work opportunities .

    Seneca College: Seneca College is located in Toronto and has credit transfer and program agreements with York University and the University of Toronto and other universities in Canada. They not only offer undergraduate degrees and university transfer options, but they also have many diploma and certificate programs for the international student who wants to study in Canada for a shorter period of time. Their tuition is relatively low at around $12,000. One thing international students should know about Ontario is their high unemployment rate. The unemployment rate in Toronto is 8.5% which is one of the highest in the country, especially compared to Alberta which has one of the lowest at 4.5%; it can still be a good place to study, but not necessarily work. So if you want to work in Canada after studying, then you might have to consider moving to another province such as Alberta or even BC which has a lower unemployment rate than Ontario.

    University of Manitoba: If you want to study at a decent university at an affordable fee, then you will want to consider the University of Manitoba. Smaller in size than some of the top universities, it still offers all of the quality features of a major university. For the international student studying in Canada, it also offers programs that help international students adjust to the Canadian education system. This is a big plus for the international student who needs that bridge between his/her home country education system and the Canadian system. Manitoba has an unemployment rate of 5.5% so again, it is a good province to study in if you want to work in Canada during or after completing your studies in Canada. The tuition fee at this university is $15,000.

    When making a decision about which university or college in Canada you will study at, it is important to look at several factors, not just the tuition cost. Quality of education, program choices, cost of living and work opportunities all must be considered when making your choice about the best place to study.
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  2. Good thread! But if I opt to study in Memorial university (undergraduate coop degree), how will I be able to move for other provinces? Should I look for a job offer in other provinces so I can apply for a PGWP?
  3. I am also thinking for memorial....but earning is the fact... so it will be better option to look for other provinces for PGWP after completing ur course.
  4. I really like the idea of their coop program! coop memorial engineering students have the opportunity to work for four work semesters during their studies. The jobs are not restricted to Newfoundland..you can get jobs from companies anywhere in Canada. It depends on you! If you are good enough to get a job (during your work semester) in Alberta or any other province, this will help you make some contacts and you may a get a job offer after graduation, then apply for a PGWP, however, I think it is still risky to go to Newfoundland! What if I didn't get a job offer!? :/
  5. And what about Colleges, like Red River in Winnipeg?

    What is yours opinion about them?
  6. Please how much is the actual amount for tuition fee for international student in memorial newfoundlander unversity?
  7. http://www.mun.ca/undergrad/admissions/fees/

  8. Hi,

    Does anyone know a reputable yet affordable University that has a Bachelor of Social Work program in Canada? I have been researching yet still indecisive. Help please! #caribbeaninternationalstudent

    Thanks in advance.
  9. Another worthy mention :

    University of Saskatchewan - Tuition is about $15000 per year. This university has a few perks. It's a member of U15, an association which groups the top 15 research-intensive universities in Canada, like McGill, UofToronto and including Dalhousie and UofManitoba mentioned above. University of Saskatchewan is locaed in the city of Saskatoon, which may be smaller than other college cities, but they call it SaskaBOOM for a reason. The economy of the province is indeed booming and opportunities abound. As a small city (about 200 000), life is typically less expensives than in Toronto, Vancouver and the like. University of Saskatchewan also boasts the most beautiful campus in Canada. Take a look at their Facebook page, quite amazing photos there.

    I applied and got admitted there recently, but finally elected to go to University of Manitoba which has a bigger Co-op program for my major at the same cost and quality basically.
  10. Hello

    Is there any update for the information posted here?

    I am looking for the cheapest but without loosing quality education for a master degree, i was looking at Saskatchewan University or even newfoundland but i also want to work while studying and my wife too.

    Also want to go to a "cheap" university but that can provide me quality education so i can stay working and apply the to the Canadian Experience Class program for a permanent residence, i am from central america.

    Thank you in advance

  11. All public institutions (be it colleges or universities) maintain good standard of education in Canada.
  12. Wonderful work, Shahadat Sayem. +1 for you.

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