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54 Years and above applicants timeline

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by Masih_001, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. To determine the timeframe for the elderly applicants who do not require citizenship test
  2. Anyone has the time frame for the elderly applicants please share thanks
  3. Hi. There seems no time frame for elderly people. I am 74 years old, application received by IRCC on 8th Feb,2019, Showing IP since 16 May 2019. I have asked about status of my application, I was given a routine reply that all security and background checks complete, and you are in queue for interview but no letter received so far. Infact our GTA has much backlog because of flood of applications, whereas my friend in Calgary already become citizen last month though applied in May 2019.
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  4. Yes you are right due to the flood of applications it will take a lot time, however they should give priority to the elderly applicants as they will not appear for the test and should process the application faster.
  5. Please share once you receive an invitation for the interview. it will help determine the travel plans for my mom greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi Dear . What you have very correctly said, the same views were submitted by me through email to Hon'ble Prime Minister in 2nd week of July 2019 and same email was forwarded to Ahmed Hussen our IRCC Minister for follow up, but our utter dismay nothing has been done in expediting long pending applications of we seniors and I feel that we are put in the same waiting line if other young applicant. Let us hope fir the best. Thank you very much for yourvconcern and respect fir the Elders. GOD bless you.
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  7. Thank you so much and hope everything gets resolved soon for you and God Bless you stay safe and take care of yourself :).
  8. Thank you very much.
  9. The processing time for people over 54, who do not require test, is the same as people who require test. Absolutely no difference. What happens is on test/interview day the elderly person will NOT take the test, instead will proceed straight to interview.

    Note that the knowledge test is the ONLY thing the over 54 is exempted from, otherwise the over 54 is required to undergo every other process. In my case I applied as over 54 (test not required) however my application took 16 months - from the date the application was received by IRCC - to oath. At the interview and oath I met other "seniors" whose application took as long as mine to conclude.

    Of course, speed varies by a number of factors such as location (volume of applications for the processing IRCC office) and how fast security, background and other checks gets done.
  10. Nope.

    As already noted:

    That is: No priority. Nothing in rules or policies or practices which suggest test exempt adults are processed more quickly or otherwise outside the main stream of routine applications generally.


    Over 54 applicants are also exempt from official language ability requirements.

    This is worth mentioning in that it seems some overlook the fact that in addition to the interview primary purpose, to verify documents and identity, the interview is also for screening/verifying the applicant's ability in one of the official languages, despite the requirement to include documentation to show language ability with the application itself, EXCEPT for those exempted.
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