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5 years gap after 12 th grade

Discussion in 'Education' started by Arjun1995, May 13, 2019.

  1. Helo..
    Respected people

    I had completed 12 th grade in 2014 , and then went for bachlers degree of 4 years ..but couldn't complete it.
    Now i wish to do a bachlers degree from Canada ,

    1) Is this gap an issue to get an education visa ?
    2) if yes how can I rectify this?

    Thankyou verymuch..
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  2. Others can comment as well but a gap is not usually an issue but maybe need some convincing that if you abandoned a degree in your home country how will this be any different doing a degree in Canada. What are your reasons for coming to Canada ?
  3. How can i rectify this issue??

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