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40 + days and still no response

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by josephdrinn, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. I did applied canada visitor visa on 18th June Online. No results so far... 3 times they sent email that a lot of applications came as the application is under process so far but no decision taken.

    I have got visa refused once last year.

    I applied to travel on Sep 14 with round trip flight tickets booked. I have a travel history of 24 countries in the past including schengen, australia, japan... i added all of it on application. Still there is 43 days for my travel am worried will they be taking a decision before the day arrives as i see the application is pending for more than 100 days for some people !!!
  2. Which country did you apply from?
  3. @Bryanna I did apply from India. Applied Online. Am an Indian citizen. Thank you for helping me out.
  4. As processing has crossed the 28 days estimate, you can send a IRCC web form to request your local visa office for an early decision.

    If you work in the defense services, police, judiciary, or a government department then standard processing times may not apply
  5. @Bryanna - No i work as a engineering manager in a private company. so i hope standard processing time will be applicable to me. I will ask them through the form. Thank you
  6. In that case, the delay is probably due to a high volume of applications. There are many applicants who have been waiting since a long time
  7. @Bryanna - Ok i will wait for 2 more weeks and if not got replied by then i will use the web form to ask them.
  8. Sure
  9. our application already 73 days and no result
  10. Have you contacted them using their web form ?
  11. My Advisor said
    No need
  12. @Bryanna.....can I do the same from Jamaica. My application has been since June 19......13 days estimate has gone.
  13. Yes, do send a web form to request for an early decision
  14. Thanks so much! Where can I find this form?
  15. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/contacts/web-form.asp

    You can use the same web form if you want to request for your/your son's passports to be returned without cancelling your current applications

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