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350 insurable hours Sickness/EI Benefit

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Clorets90, Oct 30, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone,

    My oldest son's wife left a job due to pregnancy she and us faced hard times almost every week or 4 days we are in the hospital & family doctor we called twice the ambulance for her this is a brief situation about us.
    we went to service Canada the employee said if you left the job due to pregnancy not due giving a baby you might not be eligible for the benefit but if you got sick you should fill this medical certificate form and make sure it is signed from the doctor then ( We at service Canada will determine if you are eligible or no).

    Note* all papers are available they are so many I hate to say this...

    Our question is that shall we get something or it's just waste of time and hope since they require 600 insurable hours to get benefits.

    The ROE coed box 16 is E from the issuing place.

    Thanks in advance
  2. It's not very clear what you are asking. To qualify for IE maternity benefits, you must have at least 600 insurable hours. If she only has 350, she will not qualify.
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  3. Has she had worked previously or was this her first job?
  4. Thank you for reply she has 350 hours and
    First job in Canada
  5. What difference will makr if first or more ?
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    Unfortunately then she doesn’t qualify for mat leave or sickness benefits. Hopefully she will be able to return to work after the 1st trimester. As I often advise on this forum when women are planning on getting pregnant as soon as they arrive in Canada, all pregnancies are not easy and you may need medical care during the 1st few months and may not be able to work. For others reading this forum this is an example of why you should delay pregnancy until you have become established, have a stable jobs that you have worked in for over 600 hours and have adequate savings.
  7. If this was her second job the combination of hours may have qualified her for sickness benefits.
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  8. Thank you
  9. Not to add to concerns but ambulances are not free in most provinces so you will receive a bill for the trip. That shouldn’t stop people from calling an ambulance if it an emergency but if it isn’t an emergency then driving to the hospital or taking a taxi/Uber is usually best. Have done it numerous times. Obviously bring supplies so you don’t dirty an Uber or taxi.
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  10. The people who are at Service Canada are generalists when it comes to policy regarding the multitude of benefit programs . Which means they have had superficial training in all programs , but not detailed in-depth training . You can always apply with a medical note , but as noted it will be refused due to not having the required amount of hours . As recommended she should try to go back to work and attempt to work enough hours to qualify for pregnancy maternity benefits . Even if she gets 599 hours , it WILL be rejected, she MUST get 600
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  11. Thank you for reply lets assume she got 600 hours as required and she is getting payments, in the future will she must pay back the amount she got from the government ?

    how much she would expect to gain if she was getting only 15$ per hour?

    General question: shall any person who apply for benefits EI or other benefits MUST repay later ?
    thank you
  12. what will happen if she apply now with medical note as said she will be refused (is there any problem in the future after rejecting the application ?)
  13. EI doesn't need to be repaid.
  14. It is a waste of time to apply if she doesn't qualify.
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  15. Mat leave calculators are available online.

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