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3 Rejections for Visitor Visa in 2 years

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Andy_ready, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. Looking for some guidance from the experts.
    This is for my niece. She is 24 years old and currently in India. I am in Canada with a work permit and would love to have her visit me and my family. We first applied in Feb 2016 and we got rejection for her. This time we had applied for my mother, sister (her mom) and my niece. My mom and my sister got approval. We reapplied in a month hoping it was an oversight, and got rejected again. Then we applied again in March 2017 and got a rejection again.
    The reason has been "others"
    I also ordered GCMS notes for the last one, but there is no reason for the same. A little background on her situation.
    Age: 24
    Not working full time, works flexible jobs
    Only kid, no sibling
    No international travel history
    No property on her name
    Bank Account has decent savings (about 2k) even though in the applications i had stated that i would take care of her financially
    Tickets: We bought confirmed tickets 2 times
    Duration: 1 month only
    what can we do to get her approval for her next attempt?
  2. Successive applications only make it seem like she is desperate to visit.

    IMO, a fourth application will not likely result in a TRV approval given her present circumstances:
    She's young + no stable employment + no family ties to return to + no travel history + no property ownership + very low bank balance

    She can expect to get a TRV when her personal and professional circumstances improve considerably. Tickets don't ensure a TRV approval. Even if she travels to visa-required countries, she does not have any strong ties to India
  3. thanks Bryanna. you are right. We should wait. I think a formal employment will help her in a year. Also what else can we do for strong ties part.
  4. For employment:
    1. Stable, full-time, paid employment
    2. Work for at least 7-8 months before another reapplication. Better still for at least one year to file tax returns.
    3. Employment must pay reasonably well + have work responsibilities that cannot be done by co-workers

    Other ties/suggestions:
    1. Maybe enroll for a study program. Not online, at a recognized college/university
    2. Establish personal ties (financial investments, down payment/mortgage for an apartment, join a volunteer organization or a sports club, etc)
    3. Travel to visa-required countries (US, UK, Schengen, etc) for short visits, preferably not in an organized tour
  5. Thanks Bryanna. I have shared this with my niece. Also wanted to share one interesting piece of information on why she is now desperate to visit. Her boyfriend has moved to Canada and he has a PR. She would like to join him to advance their relationship
  6. They can take their relationship to the next level/they can be together if they get married or if live together for at least 12 continuous months as common law partners

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