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2019 jan intake mohawk college gather here

Discussion in 'International Students' started by chand11@, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. whats ur status of visa jan 2019
    mohawk college
    mine is global business management
  2. I had applied on 27 sep. but didn't received anything yet.when did you apply ?
  3. 24 sep.
    today received my application no.
  4. Means offer letter ? For jan intake ?
  5. ed no ..file submitted in vfs on 24 sep.
  6. no. file submitted on 24 sep. in vfs
    application no. received on 8. oct
  7. There are two types of GBM programs in mohawk and one Which is GBM Family enterprise REQUIRES small business sponsorship So Please do check guys before applying on official site of college.
  8. all of u
    what was ur percentage in college
  9. I got my visa for mohawk jan 2019 anyone for company
  10. when did you received ur visa
  11. As you guys are studying at Mohawk, could you guys help me?
    Pls tell me about Hamilton, especially cost of living and employment as compared to other popular student destinations. And is Mohawk a good college?
  12. hi
    I am living in Hamilton, student share there apartment rent About jobs you will be able to work for 20 hours a week and during summer vacation you can work full time.
    pubic transit is good buses are there every 15 minutes
    My cousin is taking admission at Mohawk college for sept 2019.
    I know some of student who studied at Mohawk.
    overall college is good mostly you will see all India. I have been there twice as of now.
    DM me if you want any more information, happy to help.
  13. Thanks for the info. Another question:-
    Is Mohawk among top colleges (centennial etc.) Or just an average college? Because someone has told me to apply to some more affordable college as it doesn't matter which college you go (according to him).
  14. thousand of Indian are coming to Mohawk college, I will not compare it to the best colleges in Canada. what is your main concern study and go back or study and apply for PR?
  15. PR

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