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2018 January applicants for PR (paper-based)

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by leolea, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. No bro what I mean is that after people get medical request they do their exam right. But after couple of days cic will request for more testes
  2. Sry, I misunderstood.. Depending on the medical results uploaded by the doctors, CIO officers may ask for few more tests( depending on the existing medical conditions of the applicant, Country of birth, recent travel history ) etc.. Basically, additional tests are not part of general medical checkup, but depending on multiple factors, they ask few more extra tests.
  3. I am also one of the jan applicants . Tired of this! So sad that many of us still waiting and pushing each day hoping for an update!!
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  4. I totally get you!! I am also one of the jan applicants. Waiting is tiring and exhausting. Wish if they could work on it and sort this out as!!
  5. congrats!
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  6. Congrats!!!
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  7. Hopefully it’s extended and if everything passed you can get golden email any day
  8. I received email today to redo med
  9. Yeah did you book appointment for medical
  10. Tuesday
  11. We share the same timelime brother. I do not think we deserve this mental torture, what have we done wrong????
  12. Jan 29 2018 , Mp 20
    May 2018 , pre-arrival 25 Aug 2018 , 1 GU 6 June 2019, 2 GU 19 June , 2 GU 25 June . Medical extended 25 June 2019, I called today and agent told me all good to go , your Application is approved
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  13. Thank you
  14. At last got the decision made yesterday. 25 january applicant medical extension on 25 june
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  15. To all people whose everythings passed and just waiting for medical extention for more than two weeks. I found out something new. Yesterday I called the agent was so nice. She told me ur medical extention request was sent on 5th June and as no one extended it in 20 days so they had to send a reminder to the office again. Is anybody else in same situation? Did you make sure if its not extended in 20 days they sent another email to ottawa medical management office.

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