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2018 Average Time to PPR (Pretoria Offices)

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Africa' started by jellybeans, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. Hi all,

    There are so few stats on South Africans.

    What is the average time to PPR for 2018 at Pretoria Visa Office?

    I am currently AOR 14 May with no further updates besides medical passed
  2. hello, i am a jan aor applicant currently processing in pretoria, still no PPR. We have another jan applicant and 2 feb applicants in the whatsapp group and still waiting. if you are lucky and process in ottawa itself you wont have to wait as long as we have. Pretoria used to be 4-5 months from aor date based on statistics from last year, but since jan 2018 the processing in pretoria has been slow. its been 6 months for me on july 11th
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  3. Unfortunately I have confirmed, our application is also Pretoria
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  4. Hi guys that's so bad the way Pretoria visa officer are processing, they are very slow, since my medical results has been received on the 22nd of May until now no update news, I and my spouse emailed them but they don't replied, they received my AOR on the 1st of March it's almost 5 to 6 months now
    Still waiting for the PPR
  5. Hello,
    So I'm helping my mother apply for a normal visitor visa for at least 2 month, to come visit me and my kids. Just would like to know the requirements for both of us in order to get approved.

    She is almost 60 years old, with high blood pressure as only health issues and I will be supporting her while she's here.
    And as for me I'm a PR and I just passed my citizenship test waiting for the ceremony, I'm a carpenter union member a77nd make 40k n 50k per year.

    What do we need to get good chances of getting approved for visitor visa?
    Thank you kindly in advance for your reply...

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